An honest and completely real account of losing weight and getting healthier over on Instagram!

So 'Jots of a Chubby Twenty-Something' is my micro instablog is based on a book that is currently a work in progress. And will probably be a work in progress for quite a while so don't expect anything exciting too soon...!


So when people are doing their 'diet journeys' and their getting fitter and healthier, they don't always tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  They won't tell you about that sneaky pizza they ordered at 10pm last night or the chocolate bar they found at the back of the fridge they had for breakfast.  In my opinion, unless you are some kind of strange super-human, of course you'll deviate from your diet, lifestyle change - whatever you call it.  Should we be ashamed of this?  NO.  Should we fib and say we ate lettuce and drank green tea all week with nothing else?  DEFINITELY NOT. How do you expect to get the support and encouragement you want and need if you don't fuck it up every now and again?

This account is a real and honest one of my journey to getting healthier.


My health has really started suffering, and at the age of 28 - it just shouldn't be.  My Dad is 60 and he is a million times fitter than me! And I have no one to blame but myself.  I could blame my mental health, but I have had so much advice and 'alternative' ideas from professionals and family but I've not listened and decided that I simply couldn't do it.


I'm not wanting this series to be heavy and all about me whinging about my brain and how I've been affected by my past - it's light hearted, fun and hopefully a little bit amusing for some of you.  Especially those that read it and go "OMG SAME".


So, where do I start?


Well, my name's Emma and I'm a chubby, extremely emotional eater.  I’m a size I don’t care to admit, a weight that scares me and I am so unhealthy.  I have started suffering with acid reflux, I get puffy ankles, I can barely reach round and wipe my arse and I am always exhausted. My nephew wants to play and I just can’t because it wears me out within 5 minutes or less.  Then he gets upset because I stop and then I get upset because I have upset him but I can’t physically carry on.

This cannot continue...

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