Blog Launch!

April 16, 2017

Hi everyone!  How are we all?


I've been writing for years now.  I really enjoyed it at school but I never took it anywhere. But now, I have decided to take it places.


For the last few years I have written poems, short stories, song lyrics and blog posts that have never been published.  At some point I'm sure all of these things will find their way onto this blog and I am really excited for all of you to read them.  This has been a massive step and being able to start this blog has been the result of a lot of encouragement from various people in my life.


Okay, so I have something to reveal that I have been working on for a while now...

My biggest goal in my writing career is to write a full-length novel and I want to take you all on my journey to writing it.  I have snippets here there and everywhere of ideas, bits of writing that could go into this novel and I have oh! so many ideas of what else an be written!  Who knows how it may turn out but we will find out together!


Now this is where YOU guys come in...!

I don't want this blog to be just about me and my thoughts on everything.  I would love for you all to get involved in comments, sharing things onto my Facebook page and tagging me in photos on Instagram you think I will love or anything you love.  This includes sending me links to other blog posts, websites, literally anything you find.  There will be opportunities for people to write posts for my website and be able to get involved in what I write for my blog.


A lot of things inspire me; art, beauty, fashion, books, health, amongst many other things but my biggest inspiration is other people.  This is why you (yes you) will be a perfect addition to my journey!


I am really looking forward to being able to share all of this with you and I hope you enjoy reading my jots as much as I enjoy writing them!


Emma xxx

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