5 things I love about Easter!

April 16, 2017


As I've scheduled my launch for Easter weekend, I thought I'd make my first post topical and write about the annual holiday.  Easter is a time for celebrating the time Jesus Christ gave his life for all our sins then rose from the dead after three days to join his Father in Heaven...  It's also a time for eating more chocolate than we do at Christmas.


The worst thing about this time of year is I just cannot resist an Easter egg (or five!), therefore I put plenty of weight on and get lots of spots on my chin.  However, I think the positives and wonderful things of this holiday far surpass the negatives.  So here are my top 5 favourite things about Easter.



Shops have started selling things over the last few years that we didn't really have when I was a child.  They have started selling 'baubles' for Easter like you would buy at Christmas.  These little dangling decorations are put on a tree (again like Christmas).  There is nothing cuter than a white tree with little decorative eggs hanging from them and a couple of bunnies sat underneath them!  You see lots of house decor in general now for Easter, in all pastel colours (which are my favourite) and they really do add something to homes that makes this time of year special, especially if you have children!  I'm looking forward to decorating our new home next year with some beautiful Easter decorations, I will talk Nicky into it!

 Image taken from Pintrest

Image taken from Party City



I know this seems pretty obvious to be featured as a great thing about Easter time but there is just something about a massive, hollowed out, egg shaped piece of chocolate that just appeals to everyone.  Give them a whack and watch them crack open.  There is such a vast range these days but the best ones will always be the ones that have packets of extra goodies inside so you get more chocolate than you think.  The traditional Cadbury and Nestlé ones you know are always going to be amazing, but the novelty ones are just as good!  I got a Doctor Who one a few years ago from my husband and it was one of the greatest things he had ever bought me!  I also love looking through the kids ones for my nephew!  They get all sorts with them these days; cups, plates, toys...  I always manage to find some great ones for him!  They have a big selection in most supermarkets so we are always spoilt for choice!  I can't wait to be able to look at the girly ones next year for when our baby niece is big enough for Easter Eggs!





Okay, so I don't get this anymore due to changing the nature of my job, and neither does my husband, Mum, one of my brothers, some of our friends...  But if this applies to you, how good is this!?  And it's not just a long weekend, it's an extra long weekend of four days rather than just the usual three like a normal bank holiday.  I used to work weekends in a shop a long time ago and working weekends meant I never got to experience bank holiday weekends as a teenager/young adult, however, Easter Sunday was a different story as the shop was closed!




I don't want to jinx anything but the weather tends to be quite nice around Easter weekend.  It's always nice, when you have the long weekend, family time and the sun is out making everyone feel naturally happier.  Sunny days are perfect for days out with the family on Easter egg hunts; which leads me to my next point...




So I don't have children, but my friends do and they organise Easter egg hunts for them which they love!  It's great seeing them smiling ear to ear, all excited because they have found all the eggs hidden around the garden (thankfully without the dogs getting hold of them).  Our local zoo had one that we went to one year when I was a young child and I remember loving every second!



So, in an egg-shell, Easter is brilliant!  Extra time off, more chocolate (after looking for it) and the sun comes out to play most Easter weekends!  Plus my friend's houses look so beautiful with their Easter trees and decorations!


Now, I'm off to enjoy the chocolate eggs that I have been banned from eating until today.  I hope you all have an amazing Easter Sunday and enjoy the rest of your bank holiday and I will post soon!


Emma xxx

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