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April 29, 2017

So...  I've just had an article about Kelly Clarkson giving her daughter Nutella pop up on my Facebook news feed.  It's not the first time I've seen an article about this particular issue and I doubt it will be the last time, and obviously everyone has their opinions on it.  I decided that I would have a read of the comments just to see which way most people were going with it.  I wish I hadn't!


The comments started with the obvious, "I would never give my child that" or "Nutella is great every once in a while, why not treat your kids!".  Then it started to get dark.  It started to get personal about Kelly and her weight, and then all of a sudden it started getting really personal towards people involved in making comments on this post.  There were individuals firing insults at each other and it was getting really nasty.  At one point one woman was being called "ugly and fat" and a very rude word by someone that didn't even know her.


This got me to thinking about the amount of times I have been put down by other people, and how I have more than likely put others down.  We all do it, either knowingly or unknowingly and it really does affect how that person on the receiving end feels about themselves or something they have worked hard on.  But how does it make them feel?  Reading these comments people were firing at each other on this Facebook post upset me and I don't even know them.  For them to be the ones having these insults thrown in their direction must have hurt, even if they don't show it.


I guess that is the biggest problem of the internet.  When I was a teenager  I got laughed at at school because of the way I looked, the way I was as a person.  Yes it did bother me, but when I got home it was over.  No one could get to me at home, bullying on social media didn't really exist.  These online 'trolls' are everywhere these days.  They hide behind the internet and you can't really escape them.  Just on the article about Kelly there were hundreds of people insulting her which actually didn't have anything to do with the article itself.


I recently watched an episode of This Morning where a mother told Phil and Holly how cyber bullies drove her daughter to suicide.  Unfortunately you hear these stories far too frequently on the news and it's heartbreaking to think that these people can affect others so much.  It makes me nervous that the internet, whilst it's so amazing and you can do so much good with it, it's also one of the scariest places that exists.  


I don't like to write about things like this but it's something that is regrettably happening in the world right now.  It's a difficult subject to talk about, and whilst I don't have children of my own, my friends do and I have a beautiful little niece and nephew.  It's something that I feel needs to be taken more seriously, especially on fighting bullying on the internet as victims just cannot escape!  How do we spread the word around about serious issues like this?  What are your ideas suggestions about this?

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