My 5 top tips for healthy skin!

May 6, 2017

I am the first to tell you no one has perfect skin, I know I certainly don't!  Missing a single day of skin routine and eating too much junk food has me break into lots of spots.  Here are the top five things I do to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy!  They may not all work for you as everyone's skin is different but there might be some useful tips in here that you find work for you!


Cleanse and clean

Always give yourself a good facial cleanse at night and clean your face thoroughly.  At night time, I cleanse my face, use a face scrub and then put some serum and moisturiser on.  Washing your face should be done morning and night, I find using warm water and a good face wash gives it the best results.  Test different temperatures of the water to see which works best for you, I know people that use cold water.


Remove ALL makeup

I know it can be a pain in the backside, and sometimes we are just too tired at the end of the day to get rid of it all, but for me it is the most important thing.  If I don't, I wake up with dry cheeks and red eyes.  Do this before you cleanse your skin.  Makeup clogs your pores and creates build ups of dirt which can cause spots.


Body lotions

Keeping the skin on the rest of your body healthy is just as important as on your face!  I use body butter in either Coconut or Shea on my body which makes it feel silky smooth.  I use it after showering to keep my skin hydrated.  Plus, it smells amazing!


Avoid too much sugar

This isn't necessarily the case for everyone but I know if I have too much junk food, particularly sugar, I have major spot breakouts!  When I cut back down again, I get a few blemishes then after a week or two they disappear!  When I keep my sugar intake very limited, my skin can really feel the benefit.


Drink lots of water

This one is definitely the most important, and works for pretty much everyone!  If you don't stay hydrated on the inside, no matter how hard you try, your skin won't be looking it's best. Plus drinking water has so many other health benefits.  Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water so to keep your fluid intake up is important for your general health.  Plenty of water can also help increase energy levels, help weight loss and boost your immune system.


So that's my five top tips for health skin!  Like I said, not all of them will work for everyone but hopefully you'll find something here that will help improve getting your skin feeling healthy. What do you do to help keep your skin healthy?  Any tips you want to share?  Please comment below!

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