Why I'm building confidence

May 13, 2017



Following on from the Facebook post I did about a week ago about body confidence and low self esteem, I thought I'd explain a little bit why I'm so into makeup in my adulthood and doing what I need to do to feel confident in day to day life.


Do you remember when you were about twelve or thirteen and the girls at school started wearing a full face of makeup and making their skirts as short as they could get away with?  Well, I was the complete opposite.  My hair, as it is still now really, naturally goes frizzy but it is thinner than it used to be.  When I was in year 8 it was full-volume frizz before I had it cut short.  It was like I had been electrocuted and then dragged backwards through a hedge.  Twice.  This was one of the reasons people picked on me, they liked mocking my giant head of hair.  That, and when I was in PE and had my hair up they laughed at the way I tightened my ponytail towards my head.  I know, I'm not sure why that was something that can be laughed at...!  I started to feel very conscious about how I was doing things, even begging my Mum for straighteners and tightening my ponytail the way THEY did it.  But now I have gone back to only straightening my hair on special occasions and tightening my pony tail MY way.  Sod them and their beliefs on hair styling.


When I started wearing makeup it was thick ‘emo’ eyeliner and no or very pale foundation and absolutely nothing on my lips.  I dug out one of the original photos (see below).  I knew nothing about makeup back then.  I'm not sure primer even existed back in those days.  Eyebrows weren't a 'thing' and no one had heard of contouring.  I used to buy the cheapest I could find which caused me to have dry skin and it used to start to wear out after an hour or so of wearing it, even less time in the hot weather as I don't cope well in the heat.


So I guess all of this has really stemmed from school when teenage girls were just trying to find themselves, their style and weren't sure about people being 'different' like I was.  I just couldn't get my head round the 'perfect' face of makeup and I was too big as a teenager to wear uber short skirts at school - no one would have wanted to see that!


Aged 16 - it was very rare I smiled in photos back then...!!


When I was about twenty-two I started to develop strange red, blotchy skin on my face.  It flared up quite a lot and made me feel very self-conscious.  I decided I wanted to find a foundation that would cover the majority of this up and that’s when I found Estée Lauder Doublewear.  I went to get a skin test at my local counter and the lady behind the counter (Hi Verity!) asked if I wanted to book in for a makeover.  I had never had my makeup done before and as it was free I thought ‘why not?!’ – I’ve not looked back since!  Now it’s like a therapy session I get every 6-8 weeks!


One of my first appointments at Boots Estée Lauder counter.


I’m so glad I have found makeup in my life.  Makeup gets a lot of negative comments in the media but for me it makes me feel confident and ready to start my day.  I have always had low self-esteem and had my confidence knocked more times than I would care to admit, but when I put my makeup on in the morning my confidence gets a real boost.  I’m not saying everyone should wear makeup to feel confident, it may not work for you or you may not like it, and that’s fine.  It all depends on the individual and how it makes that person feel.


And as I said last weekend; do you what you need to do for you xxx

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