Healthy Jotting #1

July 12, 2017

Welcome to my first in the series of Healthy Jotting!


In this series I will be writing about my favourite healthy recipes, workouts, and healthy choices that I have made.  I hope some of these tips work for you.  I am going to be catering to all needs including families, busy lifestyles and fussy eaters.  I can show you how to create your favourite meals but in a healthier way.


I have adapted most of these recipes from a base recipe, credit will be given to those recipes I am using as a base.


I hope you enjoy it.  First up is my 'signature' dish - Jambalaya!



The Jambalaya that I make is based on the Slimming World recipe in one of my books, Extra Easy Express.  It's all done in the wok, meaning it's all one dish and less washing up (which in my - I mean my husband's - eyes is a real bonus!  


The original recipe is very good, however I have tweaked it to make it a firm favourite in my house for both my husband and guests.  I do not use chicken in it.  Instead I put either pork or turkey mince in it, whatever we fancy that day.  This enables more flavour to spread across the dish and the meat also mixes in well with the vegetables and rice meaning that it's a nice consistency with the rest of the dish.


The original recipe also suggests putting in 1/4 Tobasco sauce.  I always leave this out, mostly because I don't like spice, and it's always been well received without so I've never put it in.  The last thing I have changed is I always use fresh vegetables rather than frozen.  I always find these to be a lot more tasty and look nicer mixed in with the rest of the dish.


The end product is filling, full of vegetables and a healthy meal which you can enjoy for dinner, and even have the leftovers for a very substantial lunch the following day (if there are any!).  The below recipe serves 4 people. and is roughly 329 calories per serving - (based on using lean turkey mince).



500g lean turkey mince

350g rice

1 onion

3 garlic cloves

1 litre chicken stock (mixing 500ml of chicken stock and 500ml vegetable stock also works well)

1tsp paprika

2tsp dried parsley

4tbsp tomato purée

1 roasted red pepper in brine (using fresh pepper also works but the pepper in brine gives a lot more flavour)

1 bay leaf

Salt and pepper to season.



Spray a large, deep non-stick frying pan or wok with low calorie cooking spray (or olive oil if you were prefer - don't forget to add these calories on!) and place on a high heat.  Add onion, garlic and turkey mince and fry until turkey mince has just cooked.


Add everything else into the pan, ensure you put at least half the stock in before the rice to make sure it does not stick or burn the bottom of the pan.  Season to taste, bring to the boil then cover and simmer for 15 minutes.  Stir occasionally.  This needs to be simmered until there isn't much stock left and the rice is soft.  If you need to, add a tiny bit of boiling water if the rice has not cooked properly and the stock is fully absorbed.  Serve hot.



The best part about this recipe is that you are not limited on what meat or vegetables you use. As you can see, the original recipe is made with chicken pieces, which you can do.  You can also use pork mince (as I do on occasion) or even beef mince.  If you use beef mince I would recommend using 1 litre of vegetable stock instead of chicken stock, or split it between the two. It's not as tasty if you use beef stock with it.  If you don't like broccoli, you don't need to put it in. You can choose whichever veg you like and put that in with it.


If you want a little treat, try making some cheesy garlic bread at home using this recipe by Taste which is made with cauliflower.  It sounds strange but it's very nice!  All nutritional information is on this webpage.


Good luck with making this yummy dish, I would love to see if any of you have tried it and how it turned out!  I'll be back in the next week with the Healthy Jotting #2!

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