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September 3, 2017

Nicky and I both work shifts which dont often match up very well so we don't get as much time together as we would like.  Any time we are together we always seem to end up busy going here, there and everywhere.  As much as love seeing friends and family, we have decided that every month we should make a night or a day just for the two of us just spend some real time together.


Most of our dates end up as trips to the cinema or a film at home with some junk food, so I've created a list of some date ideas that hopefully we can take into consideration, as well as you guys hopefully loving some of these ideas and trying them with your SO too!


Go for a walk

We have some lovely walks around where we live, we just don't have time to go.  Even just a walk round your local park can give you that well deserved time together away from everything - not to mention the fresh air and exercise!  Hot summers day?  Go and find an ice cream van or a little cafe with outside seating where you can enjoy a cold drink before you walk back.  If you have a dog, see if there are any other dog walking places nearby that you've not been to that you can go to.  It's a new place for you to walk, look at new scenery, spend time together and gives the pup an exciting new adventure!


Couples spa day

What better way to relax than to have a day together getting massaged, being very chilled and spending the day doing whatever you fancy!?  Go in the hot tub, get some relaxing treatments, and maybe even stay and have a meal and a few drinks if the place you're staying has these facilities (which most of them do!).  If you fancied a whole weekend of realxation and staying away from home together, why not stay the night?  Look into nearby spa hotels that offer packages and have a two day couple retreat to somewhere nice and tranquil!

Meal out

So this one is a pretty obvious one, but I can't remember the last time we went out for dinner just the two of us.  It doesn't always have to be in the evening - why not go out for breakfast before work or meet at lunchtime to have lunch together?  If you have a day off together, you can go for a nice afternoon tea somewhere.  We love getting our gladrags on and going down to our local Chinese resturant.  It's always nice to share a bottle of wine and eat our favourtie food whilst enjoying each other's company.  And better still - someone else is cooking for you!


Try a DIY project

So Nicky will admit he doesn't have much of a 'creative flare' but I do.  I love fiddling about, making things and spending my time like this.  Maybe one of you doesn't have that urge to make anything, either for the home or just generally to pass the time away.  Have you got an event coming up - such as a wedding you're planning for or a holiday?  Maybe you could put your thinking caps on and make something for this.  Invitations, table settings or even something creating some original cocktails to your taste that you could write the recipes down for and take them on holiday?  It could be that your fancy cooking something different for dinner tonight - why not make it a team effort?  Put on some music, open a bottle of wine and cook something between you.  This will give you quality time together as well the actual sitting and eating together before sticking a film on for the rest of the night.


Teach your trade or find something new

Is one of you a budding photographer?  Does one of you love your pottery classes every Wednesday evening?  Why not take your SO with you to show them why you love it for a way to spend time together.  You never know, it could become a regualr thing if you both love the other one's hobby.  Or you could try something completely new together.  Go dancing one night.  This would be a fun date to have, especially if you fall about with the giggles and make each other dizzy from too much spinning!  Or is there anything else you fancy?



There's a few ideas for you guys to ponder over.  There are loads of other things you can do too like going to the theatre or going out somewhere for the day.  


Over the last couple of months I have learnt that spending quality time together is important.  And I don't mean fleeting moments between work shifts or getting home in the evening, gulping down some dinner and falling asleep on the sofa in front of the television.  Putting time aside for date days or nights with your SO regularly means that you can reconnect with each other after a busy few weeks of work, day to day chores, kids and all those little things that seem to get in the way.  Even if it's just for a few hours on a week night - leave the washing until tomorrow and spend some time together.

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