Energising my face - face mask review

September 10, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to try out some products at The Body Shop at Bridlesmith Gate in Nottingham.  I love anything to do with makeup and skin care, as you all know, so this was very exciting for me!  They had some very friendly staff there telling us all about the products and really knew what they were talking about.  I was so impressed to see all these ladies and gents so passionate about the shop and the products they sell.  


As I walked into the shop I was greeted with that amazing Body Shop smell and a stand full of face masks so, naturally, I had to ask about them.  These masks all did different jobs and I didn't know which would be best for me so I explained my skin dilemma in the hope that they would find a mask that did the job for me.  In short, my skin dilemma (I realise 'dilemma' is a bit of an exaggeration) is that I do night shifts quite regularly in my main job and this plays havoc with my skin.  I cleanse, tone, use micellar water and night repair serum and this works like a dream on my skin.  Until I have a night shift, then all goes horribly wrong!  Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance mask is the mask they picked for me, so I thought I would try it and show you all the results.


Me, no makeup, before night shifts


My skin looks tired, dry and gross even though I stick to my skin care routine and drink plenty of fluids all the way through my night shifts!  As you can see in the photo above, my skin is usually fairly smooth.  I have pinky undertones and blush easily but generally it's well controlled and hydrated.  The combined photo below is a completely different story!  


After night one, I got bumpy spotty things on my head and my forehead went all oily - which is almost always unheard of on my face!


Night two, a random scabby spot appeared on my nose, bled everywhere and I have a spotty cluster on the side of my nose.  Plus look at those bags!  


Night three, the top of my lip started to develop a painful spot that just remained a big red lump for ages (I can still feel it if I press on that area), spotty chin, a lot redder on my cheeks than usual and redness around my jawline (and as much as it looks like it, that's not a reflection from my pink t-shirt as I tested this at the time of taking the photo).

After three night shifts


I will admit, when the mask is on it does look an awful lot like I have either a disease or I love strawberry jam way too much but as soon as I put it on my face, I could feel it working its magic. It cooled my face and it instantly felt cleaner as I applied it with a nice clean foundation brush all over.   Plus it smells amazing, so fruity!

Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance mask - or is it jam?


I finished my shift at 7am and this was on my face at about 6pm that evening.  It usually takes me around a week to get my skin back to looking normal again, I was amazed at the results.  I washed it off with clean, warm water, gently exfoliating it into my chin and cheeks to get the optimum use out of it.  I patted my face dry and went to the mirror, genuinley feeling a bit nervous about how this was going to turn out...


Clean face after using the mask


After one use my skin looked back to normal again!  I was very surprised, I thought I would have to use it a few times for this to work.  But it came out looking hydrated, well looked after and so much smoother.  Even the redness had already started to fade.  By the time I had caught up on some sleep which was the day after this photo was taken, the bags too had gone which usually takes a few days.


I would highly recommend this product to everyone that has tired or dehyrated skin or even just wants a skin energy boost.  This product is infused with acai berry, guarana and Community Trade babassu oil from Brazil and is 100% Vegan.  It's a non drying mask so stays soft whilst on your face and doesn't go all hard and crackly.  If you feel this is something you can benefit from then you can purchase it here or go to your local Body Shop store to see the other masks they have in the range and find out which one suits your skin best!

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