Gabrielle Chanel

October 15, 2017

A few weeks ago Glamour Daily sent me sample of the new Chanel perfume, Gabrielle.  It was my first package from them so was very excited to see what it was!  


I am definitely 100% not a perfume expert so I really wan't sure what to expect and I only own three perfumes that I regularly wear to compare this to.  I sprayed a little on my wrist at first to see if I liked the smell.  I don't like fragrance to be overpowering and this certainly wasn't.  It had a gentle floral scent to it, reminded me of a blossom in the spring.  I thought it was a beautiful scent so I spritzed a little on my neck ready to start the day.


I kept sniffing my wrist all through the day (and yes I did get some odd looks) just to see how well it lasted.  It was around two hours before I noticed the smell had started to fade away slightly.  By the end of the day there was a very faint smell of it lingering on my wrist but it had almost completely gone.  I had had a fairly busy day going round town, running errands and being a little on the hot side so I was almost expecting it wasn't going to last all day due to the nature of the day ahead.


The simple and subtle, floral smell of it made a lovely every day fragrance to wear.  I would definitely recommend Gabrielle if you like gentle, floral scents.  The wear of it would be better for me if I have a fairly relaxed day ahead of me when I'm not here, there and everywhere as it's not as long lasting as a couple of the other perfumes I own.  However, I would definitely feel happy purchasing this product for either myself when my sample runs out or as a gift - I would certainy wear it again!  




To find out more about this perfume click here and read about how Chanel found inspiration for this perfume and more details about it.

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