Travelling light (ish)

October 23, 2017

I have a massive makeup collection.  Okay, so it's not as big as some that I've seen but it's still pretty big.  If Nicky and I go away for the weekend, I have a makeup case (case, not bag) of it alongside a Soap & Glory case full of skin and hair products.  However, the last couple of times we have been away I have been under strict instructions to not take as much.  So I bought myself a big makeup bag from Primark and that is what I did.  I reduced it down!


So what were the 'basics'...?  I own eight different foundations (there is a very good reason for this, I promise) so I decided to take my two different shades of Estee Lauder Doublewear with me, Shell for the days and Ecru for nights out.  That was easy!



As you can see, my eyeshadow was another level of difficult.  I had to decide which ones I was going to leave behind, and believe me I struggled.  In the end I went with my black and white Estee Lauder pallette as my blushers are in there too.  I figured it was the lightest way to carry plenty of shadows and my blusher.



So then it was the basic stuff, eyelines, mascara, etc.  This was easy as I tend to just have one of each in use so I took what I would normally use, although just one of my day to day highlighters came with me!  



All of my brushes and beauty blenders have their own special use and I use every single one for different things.  It was really hard to choose which ones to take with me so I had to pick out the ones that I needed the most.  The beauty blenders were easier as the Eco-Tool ones I have work better with my Doublewear.  I whittled it down to four eyebrushes, two powder brushes and my fan brush alongside my spoolie and a teeny tiny eyebrow comb and brush.



Next up was lipsticks.  One day time one, three night time ones - that was my limit!  The day time one I ended up going for was my Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy in Vague Obsession.  The night time ones were my Barry M Matte Me Up in Allure, Body Shop matte liquid lipstick in Sicily and Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Rougue in Rebellious Rose.



I have some separate makeup for when I go on nights out.  Nothing too drastic, just a nicer looking blusher with a little sparkle and a different highlight.  I also use something a bit different on my brows to make them look fuller and nicer.  So of course I had to get these packed!



All of this managed to squeeze into the avocuddle bag and I was so impressed with myself! Nicky was thankful too that he wasn't having to lug bags of makeup up and down hotel stairs. So it turns out, you CAN travel light when it comes to the amount of makeup products you own. Who knew!?

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