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October 24, 2017

I have recently discovered an MTV show called Just Tattoo Of Us.  I don't really watch reality shows but oh my goodness, it cracks me up!  I love, love, love tattoos so this show is right up my street.  Whilst I wouldn't get the vast majority of the tattoos featured in this show actually tattooed on myself (for obvious reasons if you know the show), it makes me really miss being in the chair!


My sister-in-law to be recently had a tattoo done for her Birthday and she was Snapchatting me which made me really jealous!  I've since seen her tattoo in person and it's amazing!  She uses the same tattoo artist as I do so the style of her new one is exactly what I like.  Whilst we were snapping, I sent her a picture of a tattoo wish list I had made recently.  This includes lots of different designs;  a few things I want adding to my sleeve as well as a paw print and a fez.


My favourite board on my Pinterest is my tattoo board!  There are so many gorgeous designs all over the internet and Pinterest is like the hub of tattoo beauty.  I have been pinning so many to the board and I want ALL of them!  But I obviously can't do that as not sure I have enough body that I would be willing to get tattooed...  I decided to put together a list of my top five favourites on my Pinterest board and tell you a little bit why I like them.  Unfortunately I do not have link backs to the original artists to give them the full credit they deserve!


Candy skull on a shin


As much as I know this would hurt rather a lot being where it is, I think this is the perfect placement for a tattoo like this.  Now, this photo is actually a picture of tights which I must admit I didn't realise at first, and will be a painless way of getting this tattoo!  However, I love it and I would 100% get it permanently inked on me.  I found this after I put my wish list together but I would love to have something like this!  The colours and the design of this tattoo are really quite girly yet a little bit rebellious, a style that I love.


Roses and beads

Roses are my favourite flower, I have one on my arm.  I also love the bead effect tattoos!  The two together like in this photo really compliment each other.  I love black and white shaded tattoos and this one is so pretty.  I love where this is on the body too, although I'm not sure I'd ever have the confidence to something here. 


Birds and flowers


I love shoulder pieces, and this one is no exception.  The colours and the theme match each other perfectly and the way it shapes over the shoulder, into the bird and the flowers going down the arm makes it look girly and beautiful.  It's a beautiful tattoo!  Was made tattoo of the week on the linked Facebook page. 



I know, I know - more roses!  But I love the lace effect on this tattoo and the shape of it.  I love the little jewel bits hanging down at the bottom too.  Again, it's another black and white shaded tattoo which makes it look simple, yet effective with the lacey style to it.  I would probably extend it upwards onto my shoulder too.  On the above link there are lots more lovely designs too!


Pastel flowers


This is so cute and girly and not something I thought I would like due to it's soft look.  This tattoo is a really pretty piece of art; the pastels make it look subtle yet colourful.  I'm so in love with this one, this is definitely a style that I would consider getting tattooed on my arm!  Again, on the link there are more gorgeous designs that I would definitely recommend you look at!


These tattoos are some of my favourites, but please take a look at my Pinterest board and have a look at the others!  If there are any you think you might like, send them to me on Pinterest and I will add them to my board!  What's your favourite style of tattoo?

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