Pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs

November 5, 2017

Back in June we went for a very yummy afternoon tea at Colwick Hall Hotel in Nottingham.  Byron's Brasserie that are based at the Hotel do a fabulous range of afternoon teas; from a traditional afternoon tea to all the themed ones they hold over and over again.  We loved it so much, we decided we had to go back again.  And just like fate, they revealed they were doing a themed afternoon tea that had Nicky about as excited as a child in a sweet shop.  Harry Potter!

Colwick Hall Hotel is a beautiful hotel next to Nottingham racecourse, the building dating back to Saxon times with a gorgeous fountain as you walk up to the reception and some beautiful gardens round the back.  Byron's Brasserie is located just to the right hand side of the main entrance.


We were seated for our Wizarding afternoon tea, the staff dressed in Hogwarts robes and were all very friendly and extremely helpful.  They brought us our teas and our potions we had ordered.  We both opted for the Buttery Cider Beer.  Made with butterscotch, apple cider, ginger and topped with whipped cream it was very tasty.  I must admit, I did prefer it once I had mixed all of these together as it was more how I imagined Butterbeer would taste.  But for £4.50 it wasn't bad at all.  They also do mocktail and float potions for 'little students' and drivers, we were also given the option of turning our Buttery Cider Beer into a mocktail.  I want to go again just to try the other potions that were on the menu; Fiery Fizz Potion, Love Potion and Unicorn Magical Blood.

The ladies brought out our afternoon tea and it was just as expected from Byron's.  The sandwhiches, savouries and scones on a three tier plate stand alongside the cakes and a yummy looking caramel cheesecake presented on a large slate plate.  We were told what everything was and we were left to enjoy!

The sandwhiches we had were rare roast beef with horseradish, mature cheddar with a tomato relish, roasted vegetables with hummus and my favourite one was chicken with cranberry sauce.  They were well made, well presented and tasted really good!  After the sandwhiches came some soup, cheese wands and a pumpkin pasty.  I wasn't a fan of the soup, simply because it was pea and mint soup and I really hate peas but Nicky said it was really nice for someone that likes peas.  The cheese wand was a cheese straw that had been made into a point and this was very tasty.  The pumpkin pasty was not what I was expecting at all but it was definitely the best savoury on the plate!  All of these were nice and warm and extremely tasty!  The scones were also warm and the jam and clotted cream which came with them complimented them so well.  Scones are my favourite part of an afternoon tea and these did not disappoint!  Then we made a start on our cakes.

On the 'cake slate', were Butterbeer caramel cheesecakes with chocolate wands, bleeding victoria sponge, chocolate frog cupcakes and our golden pop cakes.  My favourite ones were the cheesecake and the bleeding victoria sponge!  The slate was also covered in glitter (which is hard to see on the photos) so there was a sparkly look to all the cakes.  By this point, as you can imagine, I was really full and ended up taking my cupcake and my Golden Snitch home with me.  I didn't like the wings on the snitch, I'm not 100% sure what they were actually made of, but Nicky ate mine for me and he seemed to like them!  Freddos are my favourite things ever so to see one on my cupcake as a chocolate frog made me extremely happy!

All in all, the Wizarding afternoon tea was really good!  It was well thought out, well presented and the food was yummy.  I would definitely recommend going to this afternoon.  Of course, as you can appreciate, it is very booked up for a few weeks so I would recommend calling on 0115 9500 566 to find out availability and book a table as soon as possible!  If you can't get into the Wizarding afternoon tea, never fear!  The traditional and the grand afternoon teas that are also available at the moment are just as good; the food and the tea on offer is etremely yummy.  I have had the traditional afternoon tea so I can certainly vouch for that one!  I would highly recommend a visit to Byron's Brasserie at Colwick Hall!

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