Socialising at a hen party

November 26, 2017

I had never been on a hen party in my life - until this year!  I had my own back in February in Nottingham and one of my best friend's, the other weekend up in Newcastle.  Both of these weekends were amazing and I loved every second of them!  

A hen party is the time to have a seriously girly night, celebrating with the Bride to Be and all her friends ready for her to marry her soulmate.  I know when it was my hen party I had all my favourite people around me and I could not have been happier.  Speaking to my friend too, she loved hers and she was so happy to have all the people she loved all together and finally meeting properly!


Hen parties can be daunting for some people.  A big group of people and you may only know the Bride to Be.  I was lucky for my friend's hen party in that I had met her mum on quite a few occasions, I know the other bridesmaids and one of my other best friend's was there too.  There was just two people that I didn't know, although one of the girls only knew the Bride to Be!  At my hen party, Nicky's family hadn't met my friends and only two of them had met my mum and sister in laws once or twice previously.  One or two knew a couple of people but everyone there was from different social groups of mine.  I was worried that no one would really talk to one another, however I feel as though everyone got on quite well.  Being around people that you don't know very well or at all is difficult for anyone but you want to make sure you get on and have the best time for the Bride to Be.  With that in mind, here are my top five tips on socialising well with everyone at a hen party (or any girl's night out) and how to make the night run smoothly.


Know everyone's names

Before you pop the Prosecco or click your cocktail glasses together you need to be aware that you're going to have to interact with the other ladies there.  Make the effort to introduce yourself, or at least learn everyone's names if you're a bit more on the shy side.  I am definitely one of those on the shyer side so I was glad when a Facebook group was made with everyone in it for my friend's!  I got put faces to names and it was easier to know who was who.  I know not everyone is on Facebook but this is one great way to learn names.

Find common ground

Another thing that you need to do to socialise better at a hen do is to find common ground with others.  One of my best friend's and Nicky's mum both got on really well as they had similar ideas on mine and Nicky's future (goodness me!) and they are both very chatty.  They had never met before yet everyone else thought they had known each other for ages!  Another of my friends also got on well with Mum as she was very quiet and very shy and my mum will chat to anyone.  This really helped her with her shyness and she had a great time!  In Newcastle, two of the girls who had never met clicked straight away.  They were giggly all night, found lots to talk about and in fact have met for coffee since!  It's nice when you can find this with other people.

Buy a round of drinks

Obviously if there are a lot of you, then this will be expensive.  However, go up to the bar at the same time as someone you don't know and offer to buy their drink for them.  If there are just a few of you then by all means buy a round.  Is it a boozey hen party?  Buy a round of shots for everyone and enjoy!  This will break ice, everyone will be greatful to you and you can start the party on a positive note!

Photo opportunities

A lot of photos that I took at my hen party were of me and other people.  However, I did get some of people that didn't know each other particularly well, and there was some from my friend's hen party of people that had had never met taking selfies together.  Get your phone out, take some photos of you with people you've not met or don't know very well.  Share them on Facebook or Instagram when you get home and make sure you tag them!  The Bride to Be will see that people have got on and this will make her feel good about her hen party and know that her favourite people get on well.

Breakfast time

A lot of the time you will go to a city or town that you have never been to before that isn't particularly nearby so you'll be stopping in hotels or B&B's.  At breakfast each day, ensure you speak to everone and make sure they had a good night.  Even if it just a one night hen party and you're all going home later, it's nice for the Bride to Be to see all her girls chatting in the morning after a great night out!

I hope this post has given you guys a few ideas on breaking ice and socialising at hen parties.  These tips will also work on a night out or any party where you don't know everyone.  Going to a friend's house for cocktails and you don't know anyone?  Introdcue yourself.  Meal out for someone's Birthday?  Buy the person sitting next to you a drink.  All of this helps with socialising, getting to know each other and having the best weekend the Bride to Be could possibly ask for!

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