Why I love being a cat owner

November 26, 2017

I have posted a few photos of my cat on Instagram/Facebook ect. but have never actually spoken about him before!  So I'm going to introduce you to my little furbaby and tell you a little bit about being a cat owner to the little monkey!

Meet Weasley!  Named after the ginger family in Harry Potter, he started his life as the baby of a stray alongside his brother and sister.  He was rescued by Sleaford Cats Protection and given the name of Warren.  They vaccinated him, health checked him and put him up for a loving family to adopt him into his forever home which just so happened to be myself and Nicky.


As soon as I saw his little face on Facebook I fell in love with him.  It was December 8th 2016, I had booked a day off work as we were heading to Nottingham to see Status Quo that evening with my parents.  We were in the kitchen and I was scrolling through Facebook, as I very often do, and the picture came up on the screen.  I made a noise no human should ever make which implied to Nicky that I wanted to go and get that little baby, give him a home just in time for Christmas and lots of cuddles!  I called the fosterer, we went to see him an hour or so later and by that evening we were in the nearby pet shop buying litter trays, beds, scratch posts, everything.  I was so ready for that little ginge to become a part of our lives!

With Weasley, we had a bit of a challenge on our hands.  He was a proper scardey cat (he still can be at times!!!) and we knew it would take a lot to settle him in.  Any movement or loud noises terrified him but with patience, cuddles and lots of treats he eventually started to come out of his shell.  Now he bounds round the house like there is no tomorrow and he runs towards us when we come home, not away from us.

Having a kitten in the house wasn't always fun and games.  We have no lights left for the Christmas tree as he chewed through them all, the leather sofa is scratched and shredded and so is the storage basket in our bedroom.  If you want to adopt a kitten, just remember they are playful and like to scratch and chew things!


Looking back at all these photos above I can't believe how tiny he was!  They even delayed his neutering for a few weeks because he wasn't big enough.  However, he is now a great big ginger tom cat, weighing 5.5kg!  He's got fluffier and stronger, but is still a beautiful, cuddly thing who loves to play with his toy mouse!

Having Weasley in the house is amazing.  He's so loving and so soft.  He loves being fussed and loves being picked up and cuddled.  He greets us when we come home and he's round our feet every time we go in the kitchen (even if there is no cat-suitable food on offer) in the hope that he gets a little something out of us!  


I grew up with cats as a child, all the way until I moved out.  My mum and dad still have three cats so am very used to them.  I didn't realise just how much I missed having a cat at home until we got Weasley!  Rescuing this little beauty has made our lives so much better and we never get lonely whilst the other one is at work as we have Weasley to cuddle and fuss!

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