Kat Von D review

December 3, 2017

Following on from my Gabrielle Chanel review, Glamour Daily sent me some new samples of perfume and some makeup.  This time it was Kat Von D!

For those of you that don't know who Kat Von D is, she is a tattoo artist from America that has featured on shows such as LA Ink and Miami Ink.  I love the alternative style and I'm in love with tattoos so Kat is real style icon in my life (although I feel I couldn't pull off anything she wears) and she always looks amazing!  She's also released her own line of makeup, Kat Von D Beauty, which is completely vegan so perfect for everyone.  I have tried her foundation which is fab but nothing else from her line so I was so excited to give these a go!

I was sent a sample of both perfumes, Saint & Sinner, a Tattoo Liner liquid eyeliner and a Studded Kiss lipstick in the shade 'Mercy'.  Let's see how I got on...



I tried both perfumes, one day after another and I was pleasantly surprised at how feminine they are, particularly Saint.  I don't know why I wasn't expecting it - maybe because of Kat's image?  I have no idea.  The Sinner perfume I wore for a day out so obviously it was put to the test!  I was sat on a coach for about two hours of the day and was in and out of garden centres and old historic houses and the scent lasted pretty well!  It could have stayed longer but I was impressed with how well it did, particularly on my chest area.  The same for Saint, I was having a busy day and that had some great staying power!  I think this one actually lasted a little bit longer although I think it has a stronger smelling scent to it.  Saint was definitely my favourite but I would buy both in full sized bottles without even hesitating!


Tattoo Liner

When it comes to eyeliner I have no idea what I'm doing.  I can't wing, I can't do straight lines - nothing.  I have heard that this has brilliant staying power when it's dry and dried quickly so I was very nervous about using this before I had to go out.  Well... Either the eyeliner is really good and easy to use or all of a sudden overnight I could do straight lines!  I have never seen eyeliner so straight that I have done myself EVER on my face.  The only time it ever looks good is when Verity does it so to actually have straight lines was amazing.  The eyeliner lasted all day without smudging so I was very impressed.  I'm a sweaty person (sorry TMI) and I always get smudges on my eyes but this eyeliner lasted really well!


Studded Kiss - Mercy

My two favourite lipsticks are both by Estée Lauder, a company of which I am a very loyal customer to, so this one had to be amazing for me to have it in my top five lipsticks... I'm sorry EL but I think this might be number one...!  The colour is beautiful!  I love darker lip colours so this shade was completely perfect for me.  The lipstick glided on like a dream and was dry within minutes without drying my lips out.  I put it on at about 10:30am and by 5pm it was still there.  It had faded quite a bit but you could tell I still had lipstick on and it had faded consistently rather than going patchy like some lipsticks do.  I was amazed!  I went to bed at about 1:30am and there was still a hint of colour on my cotton pad when I went to take my makeup off before I went to sleep.  I have never had a lipstick like it!  


So that's my review of my gorgeous samples sent to me from Kat Von D Beauty via Glamour Daily.  I love makeup and I loved using this lipstick and eyeliner.  The perfume is also gorgeous and long lasting.  I would highly recommend all of these products to anyone and I'm 100% sure I will continue to purchase the line.  If you live in the UK you can purchase all Kat Von D products from Debenhams.  


10/10 KVD!



*This an unsponsored post and all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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