February 27, 2018

One of my best friends, Rachael, was getting married in less than two weeks (such a gorgeous, perfect day) and she told me about this detox she was starting in the two weeks leading up to the wedding.  It's called Bootea.  Bootea is a teatox that helps you knock off some weight whilst detoxing your body of all the bad stuff.  I am seriously overweight right now (more to come on that at a later date) and, being her bridesmaid, I thought to myself 'right, I need to try and get rid of some chub before the big day, I'll do it as well, also to support her' just like a good Bridesmaid should.  So I bought myself the bundle she had, and here's what happened...


Trying the teatox

Early in the morning I boiled the kettle, still half asleep, pulled out a small-ish mug and popped the daytime teabag in.  I left it to brew for a few minutes then tasted it.  The tea is a perfect blend of different flavours including ginger, lemongrass, fennel, amongst others.  I love different flavoured teas and herbal teas so I was pleased that this one was so flavoursome.  I drank it, and it was really yummy.  Then it was time for the Bootea greens...


I picked up my shaker cup ready for my greens.  I filled it with 200ml of cold water, added a scoop of the greens and popped my multivitamin pill (which was huge for someone who can't take tablets to save their life but I managed).  I took a sip - gross!  It's not the nicest taste in the world by any means!  I couldn't drink the whole bottle, and it started to smell a bit odd once it had been in there for about twenty minutes.  It wasn't my favourite part of my day if I'm honest!


The bedtime tea was very nice too and plays a fairly important part in the teatox.  It's the tea that flushes all the bad stuff out.  And oh did it flush it out...!  The tea itself, again, tasted really yummy and is full of peppermint, liquorice and burdock, with plenty of other ingredients inside.  I am not a fan of liquorice so I was a little worried about drinking it but actually with all the flavours combined I really enjoyed it.  


Whilst doing this teatox, I managed to lose 6 pounds in a week and a half and my Bridesmaid dress wasn't as tight as it was when I tried it on a few weeks prior to that. Obviously, you need to keep to a balanced diet as well as the teatox for it to work, but it just helps it along.  I cut down on carbs and stayed off the alcohol, and whilst 6 pounds is more than I would probably lose in that time, I feel as though my carb cutting and non-alchoholic two weeks played a huge part in the loss too.

We both purchased the starter bundle which is £26.99 from their website.  With this you get 14 day teabags, 7 night teabags, a tub of Bootea Greens and a tub of Bootea Multivits.  For £4.99 you can also purchase a Bootea body plan to go alongside the teatox.  However, we opted to just eat in the healthy ways we know how to.  The body plan includes a 6 week High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout plan alongside a diet plan and a personal trainer guiding you through it via weekly emails and videos.  There is also just the Bootea kitchen plan for £1.99.


I have read some reviews on the body and diet plans and people seem to thoroughly enjoy it, as well as the actual teatox.  There are many different bundles you can purchase and all of them work slightly differently.  You can read all about them on the website.

Rachael's thoughts on the Bootea teatox

So Rachael didn't think the teatox worked for her!

"I wasn't too keen on the taste.  It was drinkable for me and losing the extra few pounds would have been worth it.  But it didn't seem to work for me.  I cut out carbs for the week and a half I used it and I did lose 3 pounds, but this could have been down to the lack of carbs and pre-wedding stress!"


My tips for the two week starter bundle

-Use a smallish mug like the blue one pictured above to have the teas in, or don't fully fill up a normal sized mug like the purple one with water.  This gives you a better flavour and a better brew.

-If you're funny about powder in your mouth and/or weird flavours - pop your greens in a healthy smoothie, juice or even mixed in with some porridge oats and almond milk topped with fruit. You are still getting the greens goodness without the horrible taste that I couldn't stand!

-Don't do it right up until your special occasion.  If you're anything like me, the bedtime teas were very 'flushy' so I had to stop a few days prior to the wedding to make sure that I wasn't caught out unexpectedly on the day.



Final thought

So why did the reviews we both read say it's really good and worked really well, yet myself and Rachael weren't sure?


As most of you know, I am a firm believer that everyone is completely different in how their bodies react to different things and how we react to different emotions and situations.  This teatox will either work great for you, or it won't.  However, I would say it's definitely worth the try.  I found I enjoyed doing it and I do think it gave me a boost albeit a small one, but sometimes it's just that small boost that you need!


Emma xxx

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