Show your mum that you appreciate her all year round

March 8, 2018

Mother's Day.  Like Valentine's Day is for your partner, it's the one day of the year to show your mum how much you love her by showering her with gifts, flowers and cards.  But do we really need a specific day for this?  Why not show your mum your appreciation and love for her all year round?  I've put together a short list of how you can do this, and you don't need to wait for Mother's Day to do any of these!  Plus the majority of these will cost you little to nothing!


Call her at least once a week

Nothing shows your mum that you care like calling her regularly for a chat and to find out what's been happening in her life.  If you have a busy life, then even just a quick two minute phonecall once a week to see how she is will make her smile!  A little action like this goes a long way.


Visit her as often as you can

I'm lucky that my mum only lives a ten minute drive away from me so it's nothing to nip over there and see her and my dad after work for half an hour or so.  Also if we both have a day off I can go and spend a few hours with her realy easily.  Some people don't live as close to their parents.  Whilst we're not a million miles away from my in-laws, we don't get over there as often as it's a bit of a longer journey so it's further to go for a quick half an hour visit.

Very often, life gets in the way and we find we don't see our mum for weeks and weeks.  Try and put aside a weekend every month, or even every two months where you can go and spend some time together, even if it's just for a few hours.  She will be so appreciative of you taking time out to see her.


Make her lunch or dinner

Your mum spent all those years cooking for you and making your packed lunches for school, the least you could do is pay her back with a yummy lunch or dinner that you have made just for her.  She deserves some time to just relax whilst you make her a nice meal and do all of the washing up and clearing away.  Invite her over and cook up her favourite food or show her that new recipe you've been practicing.  It will make her feel like the VIP that she is, particularly if you pop her favoruite wine on the table to go with it!


Meet her for a tea break

How often is your mum nearby, out shopping and texts or calls to see if you are free?  Why not have a wander out into town to meet her and treat her to a cup of tea and some cake?  Stretch it to a full afternoon tea if you have time!  Your mum will really appreciate the time and thought of you making an effort to leave all your housework at home for a few hours or spending your lunchbreak from work with her and meeting her at a nice tea shop or café.


Buy her something 'just because'

Has your mum's favourite author has released a new book?  What kind of pictures does she like in her home?  Is she a candle person?  A plant person?  If you see something and you think 'Mum would love that'  - buy it for her.  So what if it's not her Birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day coming up?  It doesn't have to be anything extravagant.  She would appreciate that you saw something she loves and thought of her immediately.


Make sure she knows that you love her

She carried you for nine months.  She went through hours of labour.  She raised you until now and she is still raising you.  Her body changed.  Her whole life changed.  Thank her often for bringing you into this world.  Always tell her you love her.  You never know what could happen in the future.



Emma xxx

Dedicated to my mum, my nana, Leonie and Angie

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