May 16, 2018

Ahh, periods! (Sorry boys!) Gotta love them!  Well not love them... At all... But unfortunately they are a necessary part of our natural being as females.


When I started my period as 12 year old (I know, I was young) it was the most uncomfortable, awkward experience I had ever known.  In fact, it still could be.  When I was at school I used to just freak out every time one started.  I was always prepared for the actual event to start but never for the emotional and hormonal outburst I was about to go through.  That always took my by surprise.  I used to dream of being prepared for when the moment strikes but I never was.  Well, you lucky girls!  Betty is here to save the day!

Betty Box * is a monthly subscription box that helps you prepare for your periods.  I wish there was something like this when I was a teenager because it is such a great idea!


The box is divided into four parts; for you, for now, for later and for night.  Let's see what's inside!


For you

Betty Box has some little goodies inside to get you through the week.  From comfort food, to skin care and a couple of pens so you can scrawl out your frustrations!


APE:  This is a crispy and crunchy coconut snack.  It's gluten free so good for most people!  It's also a part of your 5-a-day so you can't go much wrong!  It smells so yummy although the taste is fairly bland - but coconut is.  Biggest issue for me is that it isn't chocolate or ice cream and that's all I want when I am going through the motions.  But it could work as a little sweet snack at 2 in the afternoon when you are desperate.


CUPPANUT: Why not pair your coconut snacks with a mug of the coconut & cranberry infusion tea?  The taste to this is much sweeter than the Ape snacks so it definitely hits the spot a lot better.  Still not chocolate though...


THE VINTAGE COSMETICS COMPANY:  Hormones are horrible, let's just say that now.  Your skin doesn't look it's best and Betty have kindly supplied you with a blemish wand to get ride of those pesky spots that pop up all over the place.  It tells you how to use it on the back.  As soon as a spot pops up on my face I will be 100% giving this a whirl!


AMIE:  This is a facial wash that moisturises your face to give you clear, soft skin.  Maybe use it before you need to use your blemish wand!?  It contains natural extracts and smells so amazing!


HAIRON:  Just some pink, really cute springy hair bobbles.  They work like a dream and don't give you a big kink in your hair when you take them out.  You can wear it as a bracelet when not in use without the itchy, deep red line going round your wrist.


STABILO:  Pens... Blue and pink.  Write away!


TRIFLE COSMETICS:  A lip parfait in exotic fruits.  Not only does it look adorable, it glides on like a dream.  It's a buttery, creamy lipstick in a gorgeous pinky nude colour.  


For now


Next up we have a little drawstring bag full of tampons and liners.  A girl can never have enough tampons!  On their website you can choose if you would prefer tampons or pads too so you have complete freedom of choice.  You can even choose from a few different brands.  See below for some screen grabs of just a few options!




For later


More tampons!  Or pads.  Whichever you would prefer!


For night


So this box I have has night time pads in the night time packet.  Probably more comfortable for most people!



All in all, this box is fab!  This one needed more chocolate BUT you may get it some months.  I would say it's definitely recommended, especially to ensure you are always properly prepared for your time of the month!


*Not a paid post, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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