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June 12, 2018

I love to cook, I find it really therapeutic.  However, I hate cleaning.  And when you have a recipe full of different spices, herbs and random ingredients there is stuff EVERYWHERE!

When SPICE-N-TICE * let me try some samples of their products I honestly thought that it would take the fun out of cooking, adding flavours and making a meal to be proud of.  I never use packets, pre-made sauces or anything like that because I like to focus on the recipe in front of me and make it the best I can.  I thought this would be the same with SPICE-N-TICE.  Thankfully, I was proved completely wrong!

These samples worked perfectly for Nicky & I.  I love to make curries and Nicky's favourite food is burgers - so we were so ready to get these going!  Each packet of blended spices has a recipe on the back to follow to get the best out of each meal.


Gourmet burger rub & Chips

These were the first ones we tried!  It was Nicky's turn to cook so he picked up the packets and got cooking!  He found them both really easy to use, particularly the burger rub.  The ingredients were mixed together as the recipe said, the chips and burgers popped in the oven and we waited.  Both came out, perfectly cooked and very tasty.  The burger rub was our favourite of the two.  These recipes were so easy but so yummy!  Easy to do after work or school for the whole family!


Firecracker chicken

I struggle with really spicy food so I was a little anxious about trying out this recipe, particularly because the name of it hinted that it would burn my mouth off.  However, it was perfect.  I cooked this one, with a really easy-to-follow method and the blended spices, it smelled and tasted so good.  It had so much flavour and wasn't too spicy for me (which means pretty much anyone can eat it because I'm a wimp when it comes to hot food).


Katsu curry

I wasn't sure about this curry until I actually tasted it.  The curry mix and the plain colours made it seem like it wouldn't be very tasty BUT when I started eating it, it was amazing!  Again, I was worried about how spicy it would be but it wasn't spicy at all.  I served this up with some rice but I think it would also be really good with stir fry vegetables too as it is just the breaded chicken and the sauce.  Stir fry veg will also make it colourful so possibly more appealing to children too!


Final thoughts

My favourite out of these recipes was the one I thought I would dislike the most, and that was the Firecracker chicken.  It was the tastiest, very easy to make and the balance of flavour was perfect.


SPICE-N-TICE have certainly made a large difference to the way I cooked this week.  It made it so much easier and there was a lot less washing up to do!  Not only do they provide the spices, the recipes are there for you so you don't have to faff around with recipe books and finding things online - it's all ready to go!  Just a few extra ingredients to buy and you're off!


Upon speaking to the brand, I found out some great things about these products that benefit so many people:

-These blended spices have been approved as slimming club friendly so are perfect for any of you on a lifestyle change or healthy eating kick!

-Products are 100% pure herbs and spices.  They are gluten and nut free and contain no E-numbers or nasty additives.  

-All recipes are adaptable for vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

-Wide range of flavours, there are so may to choose from!

-Each kit serves 4 people so perfect for family cooking.


Discount code

All of my beautiful followers get 20% off SPICE-N-TICE products using unique code EMMAJ20 at checkout.  Head to their website by clicking here to try some products and see how you get on.  They're suitable for everyone, including people that aren't big on cooking because the products are SO easy to use!  Plus for the service you get as well as the blended spices and recipe, the prices are great.  All of the products I have tried in this post cost just £1.59 - plus you get the 20% discount with Emma's Jots!


*Code and link are affiliate links, regular link is

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