Picnic time the Co-op way

June 26, 2018

We've just had two weeks off and one of those days we decided, as the British weather was on our side, we would have a picnic at a beautiful National Trust property called Charlecote Park.


I was lucky enough to meet some of the team from the Co-op a few weeks ago and learn more about the Co-op way of fair trade and their ethics behind it.  You can read more about it here.  I was kindly given a few food samples and we filled our picnic box with these and other products from the Co-op.


Nicky was very excited about these products probably more than I was.  He loves crisps and burgers so the bag of gourmet burger crisps really appealed to him.  They were full of flavour - it's a shame they're limited edition!  He was also looking forward to the dark chocolate with orange.  Again, he loves orange chocolate.  This was also very tasty, but very rich!  We couldn't eat more than one or two squares at a time.  On the plus side, it lasted ages!


The wines were both really nice.  I had my white wine in the cool box so it was lovely and chilled when I opened it.  It was crisp and refreshing, just what I like in a white wine!  I didn't get to try the red wine but Nicky thoroughly enjoyed it and he knows a good red wine when he drinks it!  However, my favourite drink we had was this bottle of sparkling apple and raspberry water we picked up in store.  


It was so refreshing, perfect for a hot day like it was!  I love apple and raspberry so as soon as I saw this I picked it up.  I would definitely buy this again for BBQs and things for designated drivers as it really is so good!  I would drink it all the time if I could but there is quite a lot of sugar in it so I will keep it in mind for special occasions.


We made ourself some rolls.  We had cheese, ham, corned beef and egg mayonnaise.  We picked up these rolls in store in from the bakery and the fillings from in store too.  I love egg mayo and cheese and Nicky really fancied some corned beef.  The fillings all were really fresh and the rolls lasted well for a few days.  We kept them in the cool box and they kept their flavour well.


Co-op's fresh fruits that I picked up in store were top quality!  The mixed berry box we had were really tasty, particularly the blueberries.  The price was a bit higher than what I would usually pay for fruit (I think it was about £3.50) but for the two of us it was a perfect amount and added that little touch to it.  I also picked up a box of their plum tomatoes which were equally as tasty and I ate almost a whole tub to myself... 


I picked up a little sweet treat in store for us too, red velvet and toffee cupcakes.  I don't usually like shop cakes but these weren't bad.  I usually only ever eat chocolate cake from shops and I probably won't change this any time soon but I would buy these again if we had a couple of people over for lunch or tea and cake just to save me making any.


All in all, the food from Co-op was really good!  And buying it knowing that you are helping them with their Fair Trade movement is even better.  I would recommend the in-store bakery for bread rolls as we really enjoyed them.  Also definitely the apple and raspberry sparkling drink!


What are your picnic must haves?  Is there anything you absolutely cannot have a picnic without?  Let me know what I should have next time!


*Co-op kindly gifted me the crisps, wines, and chocolate featured in this post. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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