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July 7, 2018

I subscribe to Glossybox every month.  The first box I received I did a review on it and I fell in love with it so I continued to subscribe!  When they emailed me about a Vegan Limited Edition box I knew I needed this in my life.

When the postman handed me my parcel and I opened it, the gift box was noticeably different.  It was less 'glossy' than it usually is.  The colours were beautiful and the words "be kind, be beautiful' were written across the lid.  I lifted the lid and looked inside to see the gorgeous information booklet on the top of the box.  I then had a look through the products.


Hair care

It's like Glossybox knew my hair troubles with this little collection of products.  


I love hair masks and the maria nila Head & Hair Heal Masque is gorgeous.  It smells like a dream and helps with itchy scalps, treats dandruff, prevents hair loss and increases hair growth. In these summer months my scalp does get itchy although I am blessed that I don't suffer with dandruff.  I do lose hair a lot so this mask gives me hope that this claims to prevent it.  I had never head of maria nila before but I will certainly have a look at the products they produce. This mask usually retails at £26.99 for the size you get in this box (250ml).


The tints of nature Hydrate Shampoo is also a product I loved the look of!  I get dry, damaged hair and this shampoo will help this!  Again, it smells so good and feels lovely on your hair.  This size is 70ml but for the 250ml bottle it retails at £6.99.


My hair is notoriously frizzy and I hate it!  I have tried so many different anti-frizz serums so I'm hoping this Noughty To The Rescue will work!  I've tried it a couple of times so far and not noticing much of a difference but I will keep persevering with it.  It smells of Morrocan argan and almond which is my favourite for hair products and is very light compared to others I have used before.  I look forward to seeing the results in a week or two!  This 75ml bottle usually retails for £8.99.


Skin care

I love finding new skin care, and I was very excited to see these products in the box.


The Dr. Organic Vitamin E Super Hydrating Cream has become something of a go-to whilst it's been hot.  It's made my face feel really smooth and well hydrated.  It's also been good to use before sheer coverage foundation as a primer as I mentioned in my summer makeup post.  This cream retails at £8.49 for this 50ml tub.


Original Source is a brand I have seen in shops before but never purchased.  This foaming shower gel smells amazing.  I love citrus so this is perfect for me!  It feels so nice on the skin and the scent isn't overpowering which I think is great!  It usually costs £3.25.


I'll be honest, I haven't tried the Weleda cellulite oil yet.  I don't feel like cellulite oil is going to do anything for the amount of wobbly skin I have on my thighs and backside but maybe I'm being too defeatist.  I promise I will try it and update you all on my Instagram in a few weeks.  This oil costs £25.95 for 100ml - this 10ml bottle in the box is worth £2.95.



My favourite section!  I love makeup and was so excited to see all of these in here!


The eye shading brush is so soft and is really easy to use.  I've not used a So Eco brush before but I would definitely recommend as it's so lovely.  This brush costs £5 which is a great price for such a good quality brush!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is my favourite liquid eyeliner.  It's so precise and lasts forever once it dries!  It dried quickly and sits well on just about any type of eyeshadow.  I love using it for a precise wing and a thick line on my upper lash line.  A full sized liner costs £17 and it is so worth it!  


Tropic is another brand I have bought before.  I have a lip balm and an eye cream by them and both products are amazing!  It makes my lips feel moisturised and gives them a lovely colour.  I didn't see a massive plumping effect at all  but as a natural lip I would recommend it.  I wouldn't use it under a lipstick as a plumper as I don't feel it would work as well but I did really enjoy using this product.  This usually retails at £12 and there are different ones to choose from.



Along with all of this was a sachet of green tea.  I love green tea but I haven't tried this yet.  I can imagine having this on a pamper night whilst waiting for my maria nila Hair Masque to settle into my hair. 

You can read about the benefits of green tea here.  And believe me, there are LOADS!


So that's the contents of the Vegan Limited Edition Glossybox.  I loved this box, and I am so glad I got to share it with you.  What are you favourite vegan products out there at the moment?


July's Glossybox is now available to purchase with an Under The Sea theme!  If you subscribe today for the box you can 15% off the first box using the code WELCOME


I hope you enjoyed reading this unsponsored post.  As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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