Bass nostalgia

July 8, 2018

Nostalgia can go one of two ways, particularly for me.  It either makes me feel amazing or makes me feel rotten.  I have struggled recently with various things; decisions I am making, my health and my mind.  I have found myself being more nostalgic than usual, especially when it comes to my music career.


I have played musical instruments for as long as I can remember; piano, cornet and the dreaded recorder to name a few.  The one I fell most in love with was the bass guitar.  I played this in 4 different bands and I loved it!  Playing bass made me feel so free and like I could take literally anything on.

Before a show, I used to have a serious ritual that I even kept from my bandmates.  I had to take three seconds to plug my lead into my amp, I had to tune my bass three times and I had to take ten deep breaths.  Then I was ready to go.


Playing on stage gave me a huge sense of belonging.  I never claimed to be the most talented bass player in the world - if anything I was probably one of the worst -  but when I was playing I felt like a queen.

This beautiful, white bass saw me through some really hard times.  It was my thing to do when I felt sad, angry or bored.  


I often found myself daydreaming of the day I was touring the world with my rock band, playing to thousands of people and releasing new music all the time.  Of course this never happened but I think that this daydream got me through some of the worst times of my life.  I never would've had those thoughts in my head if I wasn't playing bass at the time.

I really do miss these days and one day I would love to play on stage again.  i just need to pick up my bass and relearn where all the notes are!  And maybe get my nail tech to cut them down a little more so I can actually press down on the strings with my fingertips!  I am determined to re-learn bass and get some playing in on a regluar basis!

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