Get cosy for Autumn

October 11, 2018

Now the curtain has fallen on summer, Autumn is well and truly here! I have loved this summer; G&Ts in a QUIET garden, apple trees, flowers and a lawn with a bunny rabbit running around in the sun.


But as the days start getting shorter, the trees start losing their leaves and people are beginning to talk about those dreaded Winter months, we want to start feeling cosy in our homes.


I love Autumn nights, you can close the curtains, put a lamp on and curl up in the warmth of your home. How do we get our homes ready for those nights in? Here are a few things I can't live without during Autumn.


Soft blankets and cushions

I can't imagine an Autumn night on the sofa without a soft blankets and some cushions! My favourite thing to buy for the house is blankets and cushions, to the point that we have way too many. Well, Nicky thinks we have too many. I personally think that isn't possible!

L's mum actually knitted this one for me and it is my favourite! Knitted blankets give you a real cosy feeling because they seem to have such a personal touch to them, particularly one that is completely handmade!  


Big mugs for tea and hot chocolate

I realised this week that I didn't have mugs that were big enough for Autumn cups of tea, so I got myself some. I also have some beautiful teapots in the house which are perfect for brewing a cuppa, so I'm glad to have those at the ready!


I picked this up from B&M for about £2.99 (or maybe even £1.99) each. It's big enough for a good cuppa and I love it!



I love a cardigan! I hate wearing big coats, it feels so restrictive. Cardigans are a bit more stretchy and perfect for the slightly colder days before the winter chills start! I cannot wait to start snuggling into a cardigan when it gets a bit cooler.

This is my favourite cardigan, it came from Primark and it's so soft! It is literally one of the best items of clothing I own! And the cardigan matches everything because of the grey tones.



Meat, potatoes, vegetables; you name it - I'll roast it during Autumn! As much as I love summer food, nothing beats roast potatoes with a joint of beef and Yorkshire pudding! When it gets colder, the food gets warmer and you can really experiment with flavours and make something special every night!

So yummy!


Slippers or fluffy socks

A big pair of comfy slippers will do you no wrong in the Autumn to keep those toes warmer. If you don't fancy a pair of slippers, fluffy socks will do!

Paired with slouchy lounge pants and a cardigan with your cuppa whilst reading a book - HEAVEN!



Any type of scent you like. You don't need those Winter scents yet, and don't give up on those summer smells! Put your favourite candles on, turn the lamp on and just chill in front of the TV or reading a book.

There is nothing more cosy that reading by candlelight. And, let's be honest, it saves money on the electricity bill now we're heading to the time of year for heating!


What's your favourite thing to do in the Autumn to make your home cosy? Any tips for other readers to make their home feel amazing? Comment below and share your ideas!

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