Split personalities

August 2, 2018

 "You look so different with makeup on!"


"Oh my god, you have legs!"


"You look like a girl for once!"


These are just a few things I have heard before when I've met up with people for a meal out or a few drinks where I have made an effort as opposed to when I'm at work when I just have my work clothes on and minimal makeup, if any.  It got me to thinking that none of us are the same person all of the time.


Imagine how you are at different times.  Would you attend work in your Sunday best, unless of course you work in a church or an events places that hold weddings and the like?  Probably not!  I can't imagine walking into Asda on a Tuesday morning and seeing someone working the checkout dressed in heels and a sparkly dress looking as though they're about to go out for the night.


Chilling at home

If I stay at home all day, no one is coming over and I don't plan to venture out of the house then I don't tend to dress up.  I throw on some joggers, usually my Minion joggers from Primark and a t-shirt or vest top.  I often wear my big comfy slippers.  I don't put makeup on as I don't particularly want to waste it on lounging around the house watching The IT Crowd.  I usually don't do anything with my hair either.  Sometimes I don't even bother brushing it, let alone running my straighteners through it!  The only person that ever usually sees me in this messy state is my husband (and my parents or close friends if they come over on their way home from town).  



I make more of an effort if I'm leaving the house or I know someone is coming over.  I put makeup on and one of my more subtle lipsticks - usually my Estée Lauder Vague Obsession or Tea Rose (although in this picture I was feeling the pink and blue combo).  My day to day style is very casual and usually consists of skinny jeans, t-shirt, boots and my handbag.  A leather or denim jacket on a colder day with a scarf completes the look perfectly.  This is what I feel comfortable in on a day to day basis.  I love to accessorise with one of my quirky necklaces, or a load of bracelets!



At work I don't usually wear much makeup.  I have minimal foundation (on the days I get up on time at least) and minimal eye makeup.  I also try and dress as smartly as I can although I currently feel better in my skinny jeans due to my size.  This is something I wouldn't usually do on a day to day basis as it's just not something I would feel comfortable in every day.  It's fine for an eight and a half hour day at work but not walking around town or going out for the day. It's just not me and the style I like to wear.  The only thing I wear that at work is more casual are my trainers or plimsoles. I only wear these as I have to wear orthotic insoles in my shoes and these make my feet more comfortable during the day.


Going out out

When I go out out I like to make an effort to look as nice as I can.  I'm talking going to the local restaurants or down to the pub with friends. Also you have Birthday meals with family and a meal out with the in-laws 'just because'.  We like to dress up a bit for these occasions.  Honestly, I probably enjoy dressing up for these moments the most out of everything I am talking about in this post.  You can experiment with eyeshadow and try out those heels that you were very unsure about when you bought them, and hoping you don't fall backside over boob when you wear them in front of a garage full of people (and yes, this happened once, those shoes have not left their box once since that moment, they are to stay in there and think about what they have done...!)  I love getting out my black dresses and my ankle boots or a sparkly top with my adorable Ted Baker bag or little blue bag for the more clubby nights so my Ted Baker bag doesn't get ruined.



I love a wedding!  I always cry so waterproof mascara is key, but I do love dressing up in pretty dresses covered in flowers and bows and doing my hair nicely.  Some friends of ours got their little boy Christened a few years ago, and I put on my favourite 'occasion' dress (pictured), makeup done nicely and I even made the effort to curl my hair (to the best of my ability of course).  That dress I originally bought for an evening reception at a wedding my husband was best man at when we first were together and it's been my go-to dress ever since. In fact, I have worn it at another wedding since!  I found it when shopping with my mum in House Of Fraser and we both fell in love with it!  It's a beautiful dress and I absolutely couldn't imagine not having it in my wardrobe!  I wear my super nice jewellery when at an occasion like that, my mum bought me some beautiful pearl earrings for my own wedding day so I have those I can wear at nice places I may find myself in!  I also have a beautiful pendant necklace which I got from an old friend for my 16th Birthday and I often wear this, particularly with this dress.


I love dressing up and I love dressing down.  I love to pick outfits, hairstyles and makeup to all match and look fab with what I'm doing.  Everyone expresses themselves differently.  There are so many times that people have put me down or I've heard people put others down and I just think 'why!?'.  People need to feel comfortable in what they are wearing and if you feel amazing, then that's perfect!

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