Favourites Friday! Week 1

August 3, 2018

I decided that I wanted to come up with a little Friday Feature to go over my Instagram and Twitter. I put out for ideas and my favourite idea was from Kirsty on gave me the suggestion on Instagram of Favourites Friday.


I’ve put together a Favourites Friday fortune jar, kind of similar to my reading jar with categories relating to my blog and every week I’m going to dip in to reveal my favourites from that week.  I might even have friends on with me to do the same occasionally!


Hopefully that makes sense…


So, we have 10 categories in the jar:

-Favourite photo by me

-Favourite photo by a fellow blogger

-Favourite outfit

-Favourite makeup look

-Favourite blog post by a fellow blogger (thank you By Busby!)

-Favourite new/current makeup product

-Favourite hairstyle

-Favourite Pinterest pin

-Favourite blog post by me

-Favourite new/current non-beauty related purchase


Every Friday I'll pick a category and post about that week's favourite.  To save repetition I'll leave it out of the jar until all the categories have gone then restock and start again. If anyone has any ideas of categories to add, pop them in the comments or sent me a message on Instagram or Twitter.


So let's see what we pull out of the jar this week...!


Favourite new/current non-beauty related purchase

Well this week I bought a new handbag!  I never buy new bags, but I decided I needed a bigger one due the amount of stuff I always like with me and I saw one in the sale in Sainsbury's and knew I had to have it.


I love pale blue bags, my favourite day to day handbag is a similar blue, but it's just big enough for me anymore!  I don't usually buy plain bags either but for £9 I actually couldn't resist!


The bag itself, although it's big is actually very light.  It's really comfy to carry on my shoulder and it's got so much room for all the things I have in there that I'm actually worried I'm going to fill it up and end up needing an entire suitcase on a daily basis...  I wasn't sure that I wasn't going to get really irritated with the strap not being very long but it's the perfect length to have on my shoulder or my elbow.  It's also not quite long enough to be dragging on the floor due to my short legs which is a bonus!


Because of the colour, it will match almost anything I'm wearing as it is pale so less likely to clash with anything.  Plus, because I don't wear much blue anyway, I think it will compliment outfits perfectly well.


I am really looking forward to taking it out properly this weekend, and we will see how it lasts whilst I'm out and about!


So that sums the first Favourites Friday.  Do you have any other ideas of categories I could add in that I could write about?  Send them in to me and I’ll add them to my jar!

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