Favourites Friday! Week 2

August 17, 2018

Welcome to the second one of the Favourites Friday!


The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted that there wasn't one last week.  Well it was Nicky's birthday and we were out for lunch then we were with friends in the evening and this was more important, so I left it for a week.  But we're back!


And this week's category is.................


Favourite blog post by a fellow blogger


Now, I actually can think of a great one that I have read this week without even having to think about it, in fact I think most bloggers will have read it and commented on it as it was bang on point!  And that post was by the amazing Five Little Doves called Nothing in life is free......not even when you're a blogger.


I have hit a point in my blogging life where I have worked my backside off, and I am starting to get more opportunities, more recognition for my work and working with more brands.  And I have had quite a few people; friends, work colleagues and even family members, saying things such as "oh can you get me some free stuff?" and "I might start a blog to get free stuff".




If you are a blogger, and this kind of this frustrates you, then I would highly recommend going to read this post.  I'm not going to rant and rave about it too much because that would defeat the point of recommending that you read it.  But I will say a few things that came into my head whilst reading Five Little Dove's post.


If I receive something that  I don't want to keep because I'll have no further use for it, once I have reviewed it and finished working with the brand or product, of course if you would like it, all you have to do is ask nicely.  Or if I am given two of something, then of course, you can have it if you ask nicely.  But I would be likely to ask your opinion so I can put it in my reviews/social media posts.


I have a day job BUT at the same time, I'm working so hard to make my blog a success and become a full time writer and blogger working for myself.  Just because I appear to be given 'free' stuff doesn't mean I'm lucky.  It means I work doing something I love, wanting to make a living out of it - just like you have your career, this is the career I want to do.  And the amount of work that goes into reviewing one, seemingly simple product is unreal.


But seriously, go and read Five Little Dove's blog post if you haven't already as it massively inspired me and it's had so much love from other bloggers!

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