Bronze and Brows

August 17, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly invited to an event in West Bridgeford at the Beauty Temple Champagne Nail and Beauty Bar.  You can read my review and experience on the salon here.


Whilst we were there, we were gifted a couple of makeup products; a bronzer by a cosmetics company called Delilah and a HD brow pencil*.  I tested them both out when Nicky and I went out for his birthday lunch and these are my thoughts on them.



I had never heard of Delilah before so I was really excited to see what this product had to offer. When I first used this bronzer, I noticed it had a really soft colour, and it looked really natural.  I opted for the lighter shade of the bronzer, because I have skin like a ghost and the darker one would have looked ridiculous on my face.


The powder was smooth and went really well onto the brush with minimum fallout and when brushed onto the skin, it looked flawless.  It didn't cling to my foundation and move any products around and it looked lovely.  The bronzer I usually use is darker so I wasn't used to a natural, soft feel and I absolutely loved it!


HD pencil

First thing that I had a challenge with was how to use the sharpener without cutting my finger off... It’s bloody sharp!  I felt like I had a lethal weapon!  Remind me to never accidently put THAT in my makeup bag whenever I go out for the day in case the police do random searches for whatever reason.


I tried so hard on my brows, and no matter what I did I looked ridiculous!  I think at first I didn't have it sharp enough, then I tried to remove it carefully as I already had my foundation on but the staying power of this pencil is amazing!  Which, obviously, would usually be a good thing but when you look like this....








Not so much!!!









In the end, I managed to carve it into a point and try again, and I think I managed to do some good with saving them a little...  I definitely didn't go out with this ridiculous brow blunder on my face so something must have twigged in my brain!  Plus there are instructions in the box which I didn't find until AFTER I finished for the millionth time so it's worth remembering to look for those if you ever use the HD Brow pencil...


I applied some colour, my bronzer looked great and I finished up the look with a neutral lipstick.


All in all, these products are lovely!  I think it will take me a little while to fully understand what the hell I'm doing with the HD pencil but I'm not a trained MUA or even close to being a professional.  The closest I'll ever get to that is the time I did a friend's makeup for an award ceremony and her highlighter was on point.  If I do say so myself!


I definitely would recommend the bronzer to anyone, although it is quite expensive for a single product at £34.  But if you can afford to get it and are happy to spend that much on a bronzer then I think it is completely worth it - you can buy it here.  You can also shop for the HD brow pencil and on the official HD Brows Shop for £18, the sharpener for £7 or a bundle of them both for £22.50.

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