How I accidentally ended up in a protest

August 23, 2018

Hi guys!


So I have been speaking to one of my lovely friends about some ridiculous things that end up happening to me (somehow) and she suggested I share them on my blog which I decided was a great idea.


I don't know how I end up in these situations, but I manage to do it on a regular basis.  Although, saying that, I have actually had a little bit of a break from ending up in odd situations recently.


So anyway, this is the story of how I accidentally ended up in a protest...


I'm not very political (in fact, not at all unless it comes to certain topics) so I had no idea what the hell was going on, to the point I had to ask the Police that were there what was happening.


Okay, that sounded bad...  Before I continue, I want to make it VERY CLEAR that this was 100% a complete accident and I do not condone ANYTHING these people were protesting and I was definitely NOT arrested by the Police.


Moving on!


It was just a normal day in town.  I had gone into town to pick up a few bits and go to the bank, when I remembered I needed to pick some theatre tickets up for my mum and dad.  So I headed over to the Guildhall Theatre and was met by Police and a closed off road and barriers everywhere.  I was very confused but I needed to get to the Theatre so I crossed over.  The police stopped me and said that I needed to clear the area within the next ten minutes, I told them I was literally picking tickets up from the building and then I was going to head back to my car.  This was all fine, I picked my tickets up and left the building.


By the time I had done all of that, a little crowd was gathering behind some barriers and were chatting to the Police.  They were handing out fliers and things, and I spied an old friend of mine so I headed that way to go and say hi.  By the time I got there, he had disappeared so I went to cross the road to go back to my car.


The next thing I knew, a massive crowd of extremely scary looking people descended around me and were shouting and being extremely vile.  I later found out which group of people it was which I won't mention on here but you can probably guess quite easily (I will neither confirm nor deny).


By this point I had my hood up as I didn't want to be in any media photos (given my job at the time, it would have been a terrible thing to happen) and I tried to get out of this crowd.  I managed to find a way out and went back to the other side of the barrier where the little crowd of people were still gathered.  I found out that this was a counter-protest to protest the protest that was going on.  At least they were nicer and I felt safer with the Police nearby and the Police dog unit and riot vans behind me, just waiting.


There were also other people holding hands round a tree, singing.  Not to mention the old lady on an electric mobility scooter telling off a Police Officer for stroking her dog.  It was all very bizarre.


I got through the smaller crowd, past the Police vans and went back to my car a different, much longer way round.


But it got me thinking.


The Police were amazing that day, and I think without that presence it could have got nasty - thankfully it didn't - but in a small town like mine, I'm 99.9% sure that not everyone who attended this protest was even from the town!  Had people come from other towns looking for a fight or something to do?  It was something they didn't agree with so they decided to pop over to the town for the day?


I can look back on this situation now and laugh, but it was really quite scary!  Although, I did have a bit of an idea how I could look after myself due to my job at the time, I'm not sure against all these massive people a little scene kid with purple hair would have made it out unscathed should a fight have broken out.


I was in the crowd literally seconds, but it felt like a lot longer than that!  A peaceful protest, like a walk or some fliers being handed out wouldn't have freaked me out, but this one was bloody horrible.


I guess the moral to this story is...  If there are Police and barriers around, pick up your theatre tickets another day!

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