When we moved house

August 30, 2018


This is quite an amusing story.  Well, at the time it wasn't.  But looking back now, it was completely ridiculous and my friends at work I'm sure were having a good giggle when I text one of them to tell them what the hell was going on.


I just want to note before I carry on that we had our moving date weeks before we moved and even extended it a little for the benefit of the people we were buying from...


I spent my morning at work doing a training session.  I finished at lunchtime and phoned Nicky to find out where he was.  He was still with my Dad at my parents house, my sister-in-law had also joined them, waiting for the money to go through so we could pick the keys up for our new home.


I had a vision in my head of us taking a photo together, going in to our new home together and just taking a moment to appreciate what was going to be rest of our lives before our friends and family started piling in with furniture and boxes. 


Not so much.


We finally got a phone call at around 2:30pm that afternoon.  Nicky and Dad drove one of the rented vans to the house whilst my SIL and I, picked up a couple of our friends, and went to collect the keys.  I called Nicky to find out if he was at the house, and he sounded pretty annoyed.  I asked him what had happened, panicking he had damaged the van we had hired or something, and he said the former owners (we were now the legal owners as all the money and contracts had gone through) were still at the property.


"That's okay Nicky, I'm sure they won't be long."  I said, thinking they must have just been picking up a few last little garden bits or something.  We could take our photo once they have gone, it was fine.


It was not fine.


We pulled up, Nicky was talking to the bloke that lived there, and Dad was leant against the van looking very cross.  Now, for those that know my dad, he isn't a cross person.  He's a chilled, lovely man that people find really approachable and every one of my friends who has ever spoken to him tell me how lovely he is.


We got out the car and I could hear bits of the conversation.  I looked through the living room window and it was full of stuff...


I just want to remind you of the note I put in further up this post... we had our moving date weeks before we moved and even extended it a little for the benefit of the people we were buying from...


They said they weren't expecting us on that date...


The house was full of their stuff, they hadn't packed a single thing and all they had was just one estate car to put their things in.  There was food on the side in the kitchen like they had had lunch not long before, and the house was filthy.  They kindly emptied our living room first so we could fill it with our belongings - such as all of our furniture, boxes, kitchen equipment - everything.  Now, our living room is big, but it's not that big!


I was in tears, I was angry.  It had ruined moving day for me.  Dad told me not to start our new lives by crying and getting mad, but I just couldn't help it.  I felt so let down by these people.  It was our new home and it was full of things that weren't ours, and full of dirt, dust, grime and broken furniture.


There was a moment where one of my friends was keeping me calm because I was so upset, my friend from work was texting me to find out what was going on, and then some random people just wandered into our house...  Turns out it was their family members come to help them move their stuff.  This was at about 4pm.  We were still on our first van of two and they needed to be back at the depot by 5pm.  It was tense!


They used my boys to help them with their things, me and my SIL were trying to take our stuff into the house at the same time they were taking theirs away.  It was absolute chaos.  Then my brother (P) and his fiancée (L) turned up.  They thought I was being overly dramatic about it when I called L and told her what was going on.  They soon realised that I wasn't.  I'll be honest, the look on L's face did make me laugh so much when she walked through the door.  I'll never forget it!  She's like me in that she might not say it out loud, but her face massively gives her away.


L and Dad went to make our bed in the bedroom (around the shelving, more to come on that at a later date) so we had somewhere to sleep and eventually, the previous owners left.  Although, they did leave a copious amount of things in our garage, shed and greenhouse so our peach tree had to live indoors until the greenhouse was cleared.  Nicky was really good about this, he let them use it to keep stuff in for a few days and in fairness they did come and pick it up a few days later.  They also admitted they still had keys, but thankfully we had changed the locks by this point as we had a feeling that they did.


My SIL and I went back to my parents house to pick up Nicky's car, and my mum was listening to my tales of woe before I headed back to the house, not before I had picked up fish and chips for us, Dad, P and L as we were starving.  I got home to find the drawers being bleached by P because they were really grim.


Once everyone had left, we opened the red wine and went to bed - completely exhausted.


Do people really leave their houses like this when they move?  When we packed our old house up, we moved everything downstairs so whilst I was at work Nicky cleaned upstairs - dusted, beached the bathroom, hoovered - everything.  Then once everyone had cleared out the downstairs, I put carpet cleaner down, hoovered and locked the front to stop people coming in and dirtying the floor again.  I was even mopping as I was on my way out of the back door to make sure the kitchen looked presentable.


So, yeah - that's the short story of us moving house.  Congratulations if you have read this far down my ramblings!  I'm never moving house again, unless I can afford to pay people to do it for us, and own both houses at the same time for a week or two!  I think without our friends and family members there I wouldn't have coped very well!  I mean, I didn't cope great, but there may have been a full on meltdown.


Oh, and I never did get my photo...

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