Favourites Friday! Week 5

September 14, 2018

Welcome back to week 5! I was away last week so it just didn't happen, but today I'm back and I'm ready to take on a new post!


Favourite blog post by me

I haven't published many this week due to being away and things over the weekend. But I did write a post whilst I was away about the affects and truth of depression and anxiety that I am really proud of that was published on Wednesday.


It's a short post, but it sums up how people with both depression and anxiety feel in situations, or just life in general. I really enjoyed writing this, and at the time of writing up the first draft, these emotions were extremely raw.


I really struggle to talk about these feelings because I feel as though I shouldn't have them due to the fact that I had a great upbringing, a great education, I have an amazing family, wonderful friends and of course the best husband, cats and bunny in the world. Plus I have a job and a roof over my head. But there is always something there. I am so grateful that even with these thoughts and emotions I can still function well on a day to day basis, but I know there are people that can't and my heart goes out to them. I still love to laugh, have fun and I manage to live my life to the fullest. I don't self harm and I don't take attempts on my life.


For me, I find that people can be narrow-minded about mental health issues. Sometimes I wonder if people believe that others who are depressed are constantly sad, never smile, cry all day and want to commit suicide. And that those people with anxiety always have panic attacks and never leave the house.


Whilst this is true in some cases, it isn't always the case. People don't always understand that those who suffer with depression and anxiety DO go to work, they DO want to see friends and they DON'T spend all day wanting to end their life. It just means that sometimes they need to cry, or have some time alone just to start again the following day. And that's okay, that should be well received by loved ones and employers.


I wrote a post a little while ago about just talking to someone, and I feel as though it is really important.


Oops, so this post has turned into a little more of an expansion on my favourite post this week, but that's okay. Sometimes we just need to talk about it!

Do any of you have ideas on how to raise awareness amongst mental health? Drop me some comments or messages on social media, or go to the contact me page and drop me an email!


Until next time! 

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