XLS-Nutrition 2 week review

September 18, 2018

I am on a weight loss and health kick right now, so when I was gifted* this XLS-Nutrition shake to try out, I was very excited! I, of course, opted for the chocolate shake so at least I am getting my chocolate fix on a daily basis! 


So the first thing I did was go online to read all about the plan and the brand, and I was really impressed! I felt like they weren't just there giving you low calorie shakes and telling you it was quicker to lose weight with them. They gave you success stories, the science behind the products, plenty of tips and advice on your diet and nutrition - so much information on everything that I was really interested in!


I went onto the shake product and read the 'directions for use'. It told me to put 1/2 teaspoon of oil in with the milk and powder. I gagged a little bit thinking about it, and couldn't bring myself to do it. It was only a few days later that I noticed it was only for the vanilla one. I'm not sure why only the one flavour, I'll do some research and find out why for you!



Hmm... I'm really used to putting shakes with water but the site advises you that putting it with water is not a meal replacement, which is perhaps why I could never stick with it? So I put it with milk and smelt amazing. Although, when I went to drink it I found the texture a bit grim. The taste with milk was so much nicer than I am used to but it was so powdery! Most shakes I have had in the past it tends to be 250ml of liquid then 2 scoops or a sachet the equivalent of roughly two scoops in to shake together. This one is 200ml of liquid and 4 scoops. I'm feeling like it's a bit too much and a weird combination of ratios. I shall keep persisting but I am tempted to top it up with 50-100ml of water to make the powder less obvious when drinking it! The actual chocolate and milk flavour is nice once you get past the powdery, gritty texture.



The product is really easy to use and also has really clear instructions on the tub and on the website. The website is easy to use too, and everything is so simple to follow to ensure you get the best out of your plan. I love how well planned out the site is and even the plans are so easy to follow. Below is a screen grab of the plan I'm following, with it being an ongoing thing. 

Reading this, I have a feeling the worst week has been the first week, and weeks 2 to 4 will be quite hard then it will get a little easier as you will be eating more, which is ALWAYS good! If you just want to do it for two weeks, then a seperate screen grab for this is below.



This is the big one for me! I can taste fine, be easy to use and follow BUT if it doesn't do what it says it does on the tub, what's the point?


Within two weeks I managed to lose a total of 9 pounds! I was really pleased with this, and really chuffed that it worked. Maybe it's worth it for the powdery texture? I will be doing a review after 1 month and then 2 months as well so keep an eye out for this!


The only thing I found with it is I had a SERIOUS flare up of IBS after just two days. I'm not 100% sure if it was definitely caused by that or something else but if it happens again I'm going to have to stop using it... FRUSTRATING!


Do I think this is worth it? Yes. Do I think you could do it long term? Probably not recommended for a long weight loss BUT maybe as a weight maintenance? Although we'll see how that opinion changes after I have done it for a little while longer.


I'm probably going to get loads of comments of 'just eat less and move more' and 'why do you feel the need to starve yourself?'.


At the end of the day, if it's giving me the confidence boost I need, and if that is what people need, then all you can do is support them!


*XLS Nutrition was kindly gifted to me for review from Pegasus, as usual all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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