Cheap makeup haul. Is it any worse than high end?

October 18, 2018

People that know me (especially my husband and our pained bank account) know that I like to buy and wear makeup. I always seem to spend so much money on it! My favourite foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear and I seem to spend all my money on various eyeshadow pallettes and I have loads of different lipsticks in my collection.


On an average day I will use the following:






-Liquid eyeliner

-Pencil eyeliner

-Eyebrow products



-Sculpting power

-Loose translucent powder

-Pressed translucent powder



-Setting spray



This does change, I will wear different makeup for different occasions but this is a typical day.


So I was in Poundland the other day and I noticed that they have a makeup collection.  I thought it would be naff because of how cheap it is. But is it really that bad? The price of the list of makeup above is roughly £250-£280 all together for the products I use on a regular basis. This does not include brushes, sponges, brush cleanser, lashes and my trusty lash curler. How would I feel about a £15 budget? I put this to the test!


Products from Poundland that came to £15


-Eye shadow

-Eyebrow pencil x2

-Eyebrow powder


-Liquid eyeliner




-Contour kit

-Liquid lipstick





I couldn't get my hands on primer or highlighter, I don't know if they just don't sell it or if the store I visited just didn't have any so that made me feel a bit sad to begin with! All of these products, aside from the concealer, were by a brand called Makeup Gallery. The concealer is by Outdoor Girl.


So let's start with the foundation... I got the lightest foundation they had which was Ivory. I don't know if you have noticed but I am very fair skinned which means I looked like I've been tangoed!  But nevertheless, we continue!

The formula is HORRIFIC. It came out like gloop and it just did not want to blend. It looked dirty on my skin, which would have been partly to do with the shade, and it was so patchy. This stuff is grim. I would rather spend an extra few quid and get foundation from Boots or Superdrug. The concealer followed and it may as well not exist as literally nothing come out onto my skin. I tried it on my hand too, but nothing. The brow products were okay, not amazing but at that point, nothing could get worse! But next up, I needed to set!


I grabbed the powder and the powder brush and gave it a go. I usually use a mixture of loose and pressed powder but all I could find was this pressed one so I didn't have a choice! I gave it a go and it actually had more coverage than the foundation. It was still a little too dark for my skin but if I ever found a lighter shade it would probably be okay! However, the brush was rubbish so I used the sponge and it was fine.


After that, I moved onto my eyes...

The shadows were patchy and I couldn't blend them. The brushes I had were awful so I got my usual brush out, but it still didn't work. It's a shame really because the colours were actually quite nice, the kind of shades I would usually use. The eyeliner wasn't too bad, although it doesn't come close to the eyeliners I would usually use! Plus, it wasn't a pen style one that I'm used to which could be partly why I didn't like it.


However, the mascara was AMAZING. As a money saving, day to day makeup product, I would 100% use it. In fact, that and the pressed powder are the only things that didn't end up in the bin!

Once the eyes were (badly) done, I then bronzed, blushed, contoured and highlighted. In the eyebrow powder was a highlight for the brow bone when doing brows so I used this as a highlighter on my cheeks, but it didn't work. The bronzer was okay but because of the orange on my face it barely showed up. I think if my skin was normal colour at this point, it was too dark for my skin even though I got the lightest one, but it would be too much for my usual tone. The contouring palette was rubbish too and the blusher just wasn't pigmented enough!


Final thoughts

So I guess the benefit of higher end foundation is that you can get lighter shades. The ones I buy do have a better range of shades, even some of the drugstore ones I find are just about pale enough for my ghost skin. But the foundation was just way too dark for me, I looked ridiculous plus the formula was gross.


In my mind, if you don't want to spend money on high end products, then that's fair enough but I think that you can get perfectly good drugstore makeup on a budget using brands such as MUA, Revolution and Maybelline. These are much better, cheaper alternatives.


The only products I would recommend from this range I tried would be the mascara, pressed powder and the bronzer (if you have darker skin). Possibly the eyeliner if you are happy using that type.


So all in all, don't buy your makeup from Poundland, unless you need some cheap mascara. Because you could look like this...

...and no one needs that!!

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