I have been proved wrong

November 20, 2018

I am one of those people who gets so involved in disagreements and I HATE being wrong. I get so adamant that I’m right that even when I know I'm wrong, I continue to argue and make points that are so full of crap to try and justify why I'm right. Then it just ends up being utterly ridiculous.


But anyway... This is going to be brutally honest, and I'm not proud of some of the things that went through my head when I saw the reveal, and in those months afterwards.


Last year, on the 16th July 2017, I was eagarly awaiting the announcement of the new actor playing the Doctor in Doctor Who at a friend's house, freaking out because there were WAY too many rumours for my liking of the doctor becoming a woman. I was adamant that they wouldn't do that, that it would be a silly idea and surely the show makes way too much money to justify such a massive change that there was a chance they would lose loads of fans, blah blah blah... I also said I would be one of those fans because I wasn't about to let my favourite show become all politically correct and putting gender equality before one of the most important characters in British television, more blah blah blah...!


I really, really, REALLY did not want a female Doctor, but it looked like it was going to happen.


My points were:

-Taking away a positive role model for boys, something that in my mind isn't advertised as much as positive role models for girls

-Turning an iconic character into something else

-Changing the entire show

-Taking gender equality too far. Why does the Doctor need to be a female? What's the point?


I was mad at Peter Capaldi for leaving and gutted that my favourite show was being transformed into something completely different. I said I would never watch it again. I was not happy!

However, on Sunday 7th October 2018, I gave in and sat down to watch Doctor Who at 6:45pm. I never, ever watch live TV but I made a special effort that time to do it. I grabbed a beer and braced myself.


I watched the first episode, and I actually kind of enjoyed it.


However, I do find that in a new Doctor's first episode they are still finding themselves. The Doctor has only just regenerated so isn't overly sure what is going on all of the time, and the actor is getting used to the character. By the third episode, that's when we really see what the new Doctor is like. 


The second episode, The Ghost Monument, started to show who this new Doctor was and how they thought, and by the third episode, Rosa, I could tell who the Doctor was going to be.


And I loved it.


I was the most anti-female Doctor person ever, plus I felt like the only female that disagreed with there being a female Doctor in the whole world but I was proved wrong.


Jodi Whittaker really embraced the character. She's hilarious, clever and so good at bringing the character to life. I love watching her, and the Doctor's friends are brilliant. I love Bradley Walsh's character, Graham and Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill (Ryan and Yaz) are also brilliant!

I love the new take on the show, and I love the new Doctor and assistants. I am so pleased I stuck with it in the end! 


*Both images are taken from the official BBC Doctor Who site, I do not own them.*

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