Make Friends Club... My personal update!

December 10, 2018

I recently wrote a post about a club I have been involved with over the last 12 weeks, the Make Friends Club which is run by the lovely Gemma over at How To Make Friends


I just thought I would give you an update now we are almost done with week 9. First of all, I can't believe we are done already! It has gone SO FAST and it feels like only a week or so a go I was looking at the handout, filling out my goals and thinking "wow, I have no idea what I'm doing"...!


But now, 12 weeks later, for some reason, it feels a little daunting that it's all over. I managed without the club and the ladies before, why do I feel so nervous about it all finishing?

I have been thinking about what I have learned from this experience, and actually I think that I have been on an amazing journey. I've started to truly discover who I really am, and learning about what I really want in life, as well as building that confidence to make friends.


I have since attended an event on my own (although someone I have met before was also there, but I didn't know that until after I had accepted to go), I feel happier being on my own and I have even had conversations with strangers. I mean, I haven't started any but I haven't shied away from those conversations that have been started with me using a little chuckle and acknowledgment before pretending my phone was ringing or I should have been somewhere 5 minutes ago.


So many things that we spoke about as a club was the most helpful and the most crazy things. Most of the tips you don't even think of but when we have had the talk about them, it's like "well yeah, that's actually really obvious when you think about!".


I think I speak for most, if not all of the ladies in the club when I say this has been a great, and really helpful experience. My Thursday nights are going to be so quiet - especially as I'm A Celeb has finished now too... 


If you do nothing else today, you HAVE to go and check out the How To Make Friends website, follow Gemma on Instagram and listen to the brilliant Podcasts that Gemma also makes with How To Make Friends. 

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