Life throwing curveballs?

January 17, 2019

Think back to five years ago. A year ago. Even six months ago. Where did you think you would be right now? Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, bringing things we would never expect and handing us challenges that scare us and inspire us. Some even do both! And one of the things that I will be beginning to do with Emma's Jots this year, is to help you find the tools and the confidence to face these challenges and to know that you are not alone.

When you plan your life, or think about what you would like to achieve, does it make you smile, your heart flutter with joy? We all know what our hopes and dreams are, and we like to imagine what our future holds when we reach these dreams. But sometimes, life will have other plans for you. Me, for instance, wanted to be a music teacher and playing in bands on the side. It turns out that my passion for writing is much more overpowering and that is what I want to do forever. I’m not even sure why I decided I wanted to do that instead, and I knew that my love of music was outweighed by my lack of talent as well. But if I really had the ambition in my soul to do it, my lack of talent would have disappeared due to hard work. But that hard work never really came, yet my hard work and love for writing is continuous.


I am in love with the idea of having books published, helping people through Jots and being the person that helps others find hope even in their difficult times. Making a difference to the world is something that I aspire to do.

Life likes to challenge us. I have faced challenges in the past, and people close to me in my past and present have suffered from difficult experiences - anything from the loss of a loved one to life-changing accidents to miscarriages. It's hard and sometimes we just want to type something into Google search to help us and assure us that we are definitely not the only ones going through it and get support from others that are like minded or from a site that REALLY understands those emotions you are going through.


*Emma's Jots is not a team of medical professionals, and fully understands that everyone is different. No medical advice will be given by Emma's Jots.*

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