Paladone Escape Game

February 28, 2019

One of mine and Nicky's favourite things to do with friends is go to Escape Rooms. We've been to some in Nottingham, Newark, Melton, Lake District and Preston. There are so many round the country and they are great fun! Off the top of my head I can remember diffusing a bomb, building Frankenstein's monster, going to a house fire and being trapped by Vampires amongst lots of other things. I'm not sure how many we have done but we have done a fair few! We have also played some other Escape board games with friends where we have had to solve puzzles and out in the right code before the timer runs out.


Typically, you get 60 minutes to solve puzzles and get yourself out of the room (or complete a task) and if you do it within the time - you have beaten the room! We have managed the vast majority of them, there has only been a couple we have been so close to finishing but not quite got out on time. Some of the rooms we have managed to get out of have been a matter of seconds were we have managed to unlock the door or complete the challenge. I just love it! So, I was very excited when Paladone sent me their escape game to try out with friends to see how it compares to others I have played.  

When I received the box I was really excited to see the giant padlock, envelopes, puzzles - all of that stuff! I made myself the 'games master' and put their challenges together. I put the puzzles in the envelopes, marked with numbers 1-4 and picked out one of each colour with a different number on them. Each of these numbers matched to a solution on my sheet. I set the padlock, put their envelopes on the table with padlock and set them off. They worked as a team to solve the puzzles and to open the padlock.

It's a great team building game, as well a great way to get the whole family and your friends involved. Another one of our favourite things to do is to arrange games nights at home so to be able to incorporate one of your favourite actives into another one is just brilliant! 10 points to Paladone for this game!

The game retails at just £10.99 and I promise you - its worth every penny! 

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