Lambert Life; The Cats and the Bird

May 25, 2019


I don't often talk much about our life as a couple. But with the new turn the blog will be taking over the next few months, I want Jots readers to get to know me and my life a little better.


So with Lambert Life, I will be documenting some of the most ridiculous and hilarious moments we find ourselves in. I love telling stories, so this will definitely be part of the new Real Life and Story Time categories.


So, here we go with the first one of Lambert Life:


The Cats and the Bird


I love my cats dearly. They are my babies. Weasley was our little munchkin, the cutest little thing when we got him. And Bellatrix has always been a loving little whirlwind. And they absolutely adore each other, which is just amazing to see!


However, I actually preferred them when they were housecats sometimes...


We used to live on a busy road so when we got Weasley, he had to stay in. He was going to be a lot of work anyway because he was so terrified of simply everything, so he was going to have to stay indoors for at least 6 months anyway so we could get him used to being around us and being around others. When we moved, he wasn't a happy cat. His home comforts were gone and he surrounded by a strange house with strange smells and new noises. So, we continued to keep him inside. Then we got him a friend and Bellatrix came, literally, bounding into our lives. When she was big enough, we let them both go outside.


So, since then, they have been allowed outside and, when the weather is nice and we are at home, they come in and out through the back door. And occasionally, they will bring in a little gift for us. Sometimes the gifts are alive, sometimes they are dead, and sometimes they are just bits of straw that Bellatrix has stolen from Lupin's hutch or a random leaf.


Today, just before I wrote this, I was kindly bought a dead bird. However, it got a little out of hand.


Nicky would usually get rid of any of these gifts (dead or alive) because it makes me feel funny if I do it. I can't touch them!


So, Bellatrix came running in with this dead bird (which in itself makes me feel sad, but that's what cats do I suppose...) and dropped it in the dining room whilst looking very proud of herself. All of a sudden Weasley came bounding in and grabbed it. Next thing I know the two of them are fighting over this bloody bird, I'm telling them to bugger off and trying to chase them out of the house. Eventually, they got the message that they shouldn't be doing this, and they both bolted straight outside to sulk.


I looked back into my dining room and it looked like someone had committed a massacre in there... but I had no choice but to clean it up.


They came back in about half an hour later, and I wouldn't speak to them, because YES I am that petty. Then I was cross with Nicky because he wasn't there to rescue the bird and clean up the mess and get the poor dead bird.


Basically, I love my cats. But they really are assholes.





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