Ooks board games and books!

September 30, 2019

There is nothing I love more than an afternoon listening to music, drinking tea (or gin!) and playing a variety of boardgames with Nicky and our friends. And if we are ever blessed with kids, then it will be something that we would want to do with them on a regular basis.


I recently attended BlogOn Toys and, whilst I was there, I met some lovely ladies who were showcasing some characters called OOKS. Not only are they super adorable, but there are lots of fun things associated with them! 


A lot of kids, and virtually all adults to be honest, spend so much time on phones, tablets, or in front of the TV. Even a lot of reading is done via a screen on Kindles and tablets using ebooks. Sometimes I feel like board games and books are starting to die out. Which is why the OOK is a great idea!


So what is an OOK? Well an OOK is a little creature made of 'storystuff' and is anything you find in a book. It can be a person, a place, a colour, an emotion, or an object. You can create your own, personalised OOK on their app and create a story for them based on the choices you make whilst going through the app. Once you reach the end, you have your own personal OOK story that you can have turned into a book!


My five year old nephew and I sat down and made a story together on my phone and I ordered the storybook for him, which I will post on the stories over on my Instagram when it arrives! He loved making his OOK (creatively calling it Ook..!) and looking at all the different characters he could meet on the app. I cannot wait for him to see his story in book form! Not only this, but they have a shop on their website of lots of different merchandise! Which brings me to the next part of our fun time together - BOARD GAMES! 


I was gifted this set of 5 in 1 classic board games with an OOK-tastic twist! Lots of colours, fun and excitement that he just loved! My niece also liked the colourful characters (especially the little pink DISC-OOK with the yellow unicorn horn!) although, being just two years old, she wasn't interested in playing she just wanted to knock the coloured figures around and throw the die around. It is for 3+ after all!


We played the games and afterwards, he said "oh my goodness, Emma, I love this game". He was desperate to keep it at their house but as they don't have many toys at our house anymore, we've now put it on the games shelf in our dining room with his other favourites, Mouse Trap and Jitterbug!


I think it's great that he found the games so exciting. Now the cold is setting in he'll be wanting to spend less time in our garden with the bunnies and more time in front of the TV so to be able to sit him down with some games to play and books to read is going to be brilliant for Autumn and Winter!


*OOKS games was kindly gifted to me. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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