Goodbye 2019, hello 2020!

December 31, 2019


2019 has taught me so much. 

It has taught me that not every opportunity is for you.

It has taught me that some employers don’t give two shits about the people that work for them making their company work or give any proper support. 
It has taught me that life will kick you in the face and knock you to floor. 
It has taught me that some people just have zero compassion. 
It has taught me that even the best people have the worst things happen to them. 
It has taught me that even the simplest things do not come easily to everyone. 

But it has also taught me


That when one door closes, another opens. 
That there ARE employers out there that give a shit, and support their staff. 

That no matter how hard life may knock you down, don’t give up. 
That you find compassion in the most unusual of places. 

That even though awful things happen to the most amazing people, it does help a little to know they are at peace and no longer in pain. 
That if something does not happen fast, the wait will be all the more special.


I haven’t had a great 2019, but 2020 is going to be the year of Emma’s Jots!


We have lots of new things coming up:

-Walk For Your Wellbeing starts end of January 

-Diary of a Chubby Twenty-Something is getting a revamp with a lot more involved 

-Lots more on mental health

-Lots more on wellbeing 

-Lots more on beauty

-Lots more on the environment

-Lots and lots more on looking after and loving yourself.


2019 was the year that I was ready to end everything, I was convinced I wasn't good enough at life and the year that I decided not to give up.


I want this blog to become something special to other people that may be feeling the same. I want to share experiences and hopefully someone will be able to take something from it. If I can make someone happier or more confident in the next year, everything I have been feeling and struggling with during 2019 will have taught me a lot more than I could have possibly hoped for.


Sending you all the love and luck in the world for 2020! xxx



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