WFYW - Walk For Your Wellbeing with Emma's Jots!

February 16, 2020

A couple of years ago, my mum took up walking. Just like me she has always been one to try lots of different diets and weight loss, in the end she found something that really works for her. Alongside this, she found she had more energy. She had always liked walking, and with her new found energy she started doing longer and longer walks with various groups of people, as well as going out on her own a fair amount. My Dad goes with her sometimes, he has even started walking on his own a bit as well if he hasn’t got much on and Mum is out. 


She encouraged me to go with her, at first i couldn’t be bothered to attempt it but I started to really enjoy it. I got myself my first pair walking boots and went out with her a bit more. After a little while, I started to go out on my own. I don't go out on my own as much as I should, but going forward to prove the idea behind Walk For Your Wellbeing, I will be going out A LOT more and taking you (and some friends) with me! 

I mean, take the photo above...


This was taken during a walk with a group of people in Culverthorpe, Lincolnshire - not too far from me. If you go on an arranged walk with a group, you turn up to a meeting point and there is a walk leader there to guide you round the route and a back marker to ensure that no one gets left behind. We talk, we stop and have a little break together and nine times out of ten you can bring your dog and that's also their exercise done for the day!


This photo is perfect. Not only are you getting the exercise that we all need, you are taking beautiful views like this. The autumn trees, the lake, the mirror image of the trees IN the lake and Culverthorpe Hall in the background. There is absolutely no filter or editing going on in this photo. This is exactly how it was; peaceful, bright and natural. Yes, there were a fair few other people with us (probably 20 or so) but imagine views like this when you are on your own or just with one or two other people and you are feeling lost or sad. This is an image to make you happy.


It's not just lakes that stand out during walks. You could come across anything and find beauty anywhere you may walk.

I love this line of beach huts from Chapel St Leonards. They are bright and colourful and, on the gloomy day I took this, they really brightened the view up.


This was from early last year when I was at my lowest I have ever been, and I saw something in these beach huts that made me feel calm and at one with the world again - even if it was just for a moment. Sometimes a moment is all you need. 


So, can you see why I feel walking is so important? And that's why I want to share this with the world.


Are there any places that you LOVE to walk round? I would love to hear recommendations from all of you if you send me just one place. I will try and get there if I can at some point this year (I can't promise this month, but more likely this year) xxx


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