Top picks of the last 6 months

January 23, 2020

Over the last six months, I have discovered some new things that I just LOVE! I want to share some with you. Discovering new things makes me really happy and I simply love it when I can sit and remember places, brands or objects that I have recently come across. And happy feelings are key to positive mental wellbeing. 



Forever Living bee pollen

I get awful hay fever in the spring and summer - sometimes it runs through to early autumn as well. This year, for some reason, nothing was helping at all! I met a lovely lady early last year and she recommended this bee pollen to me to help with hay fever and it really did help. I still had my eye drops, but I found my nose spray was needed a lot less and my chest didn't feel as heavy, I certainly wasn't sneezing as much! One of the good things about Forever Living, it is really a really personal company that puts you first. I loved this, will definitely be using this for next summer!



A side I don't show on my blog or Instagram very often is my alternative streak. There is no real reason for it, I just don't seem to have shown much of that side of me. I love all things cute and girly but with a twist of the occult and gothic aesthetic; upside down crosses, pentagons, ouija boards, skulls - anything like that. This is where Sorayraya ticks all the boxes! With her phone cases and jewellery collection, her products are right up my street! So in love with everything on her Etsy store - I would buy it all if I wasn't so skint 24/7! I would definitely recommend having a nosey on the store or her Instagram if you love this kind of thing!




New drinks

You know me, I love a good drink! These two drinks are something I have discovered over the last few months which I adore! The first ones are bottles of the JP Chenet ice edition sparkling wine*. They are £2.50 from Morrisons for a small bottle and I really like them! Ice cold is the way to have them and I would 100% get them again for myself or as gifts for people. The cocktail with the ice lolly on top is the Twister cocktail from the Hockley Arts Club in Nottingham. It's a cocktail based around strawberry and lime, which are two of my favourite flavours, and with the Twister ice lolly on top I don't think I have tasted a better cocktail! It's so good!



At some point, this will be a blog post in itself. But until then, I'm just posting a quick paragraph about why it's one of my top picks at the moment! As you may, or may not know, I'm on a journey of weight loss, creating a better future for myself and building up confidence. Herbalife is something new I came across just before Christmas thanks to a recommendation from a friend. I have had zero luck with certain aspects of my life - again, more to come - and I was sick of the weight gain and struggling to lose. I have felt so unhealthy for months and Herbalife is giving me the boost I need. Along with daily support from the lady I get it from, these products are just amazing. Read more about Herbalife here.


Hello Fresh

I have heard lots about Hello Fresh, and I was dubious but actually I really like it! I had some vouchers for money off my first four boxes and one of my best friends had been using it for a few weeks - again on an offer. She told me she really rated it and hearing this from someone I know and trust really prompted me to give it a go! We're three weeks into using it and I have found it so easy to do. We pick our meals for the week, it gets delivered on a Sunday and we are good to go for the week. All we need to shop for is stuff for breakfast and lunches for Nicky and fruit for me. It definitely makes the weekly shop easier! Even at full price I would say it's worth the money. There are lots of offers out there if you want to try it and you can cancel any time and skip weeks if you need to. Again, like the Herbalife, I will be doing a full blog post on this soon. 


Skinny Syrups 

Skinny syrups by The Skinny Food Co seemed too good to be true! But actually, they do work really well. I have started using them to sweeten coffee instead of sugar. They are zero calories and do the job perfectly! I even sometimes put them into my Herbalife shakes. I wouldn't have them on their own - also I haven't tried the condiment collection that the brand has. I will try them, I just haven't gotten round to it yet. I have this maple syrup, salted caramel and white chocolate and I like all of these as sweeteners. Nicky likes the white chocolate one on ice cream sundaes! 



Sherwood Forest & Centre Parcs

I have been to Sherwood Forest twice in the last 6 months - the first time was to visit Center Parcs with my family and the second time was a hot tub retreat to Sherwood Hideaway with Nicky and our friends. I fell in love with the place. I have visited the area before, walking around National Trust property, Clumber Park, is something I have done a few times but actually being amongst the woodland is something I never thought I would fall in love with. I first realised how stunning woodlands really are when I did the early morning walk at Center Parcs, then when on our little retreat, I left the other three playing Mario and went for a walk on my own and soaked up the beauty of the trees and the wildlife. Center Parcs is an experience in itself, although it does add up very quickly becoming quite expensive but being around Sherwood Forest is something I would like to do on a much more regular basis.


The Vagina Museum

This week, Nicky and I went back to London. I thought I would show him my favourite place in London - Camden. He had never been before so I took him round there. We got there early and there wasn't much happening, but Nicky then spotted the Vagina Museum. I remembered reading about it somewhere but had completely forgotten it was there! We dropped in MY GOD I loved it! It's only small but it's free and there is lots of myth (muff) busting around vaginas and lady reproductive parts. Like - did you know that the Vagina was self cleaning? And also, putting in a tampon if you have never had sex doesn't take away your virginity - which I didn't even know was a myth. But it turns out quite a lot of young girls are worried or have been worried about this! This is definitely worth a visit - I think it's great for young teenagers in a female body that want to know their body works and what's happening. 



So there are some of my top picks of the last six months! Have you tried any of these products or been to any of these places? Let me know what your top picks are from the last six months so I can check them out!  


Thanks for reading xxx


*Products marked with this symbol have been gifted. All the thoughts and opinions on this post are my own unless stated otherwise.

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