The Power of Music

March 25, 2020

I have grown up around music. My mum and dad always had the radio on, music in the car, records followed by cassette tapes followed by CDs. We watched films with lots of music in them, went to see shows with lots of music in them, learned to play instruments and then started seeing bands and music live. From the age of seven, I have learned how to play the cornet, piano, guitar (very badly), drum (also not so hot at this) and, of course, my trusty bass - which is by far the best instrument ever...!


It's not just the way listening to music makes you feel. It is the background to so much, even if we don't realise it. it is everywhere - adverts, TV shows, parties. Try and listen to a horror film on mute and you will not be scared (there is build up background music in them which you don't always notice). 

Music has got me through some awful times, and there are so many songs out there that trigger so many memories - happy, sad or even just reminders of how strong I am. I have playlists on my Apple Music dedicated to certain things in my life; I have a playlist of songs that remind me of Nicky and our relationship, a playlist that helps me with infertility and a playlist dedicated to a friend I miss like hell - just to name a few. 

Music brings us together

Remember the last time you saw a band or a singer performing live? What was the vibe? The crowd become, whether it’s a stadium show or a covers band in a pub. People are singing, dancing, having a ball. The crowd share this one beautiful common interest right at that moment - that artist. The artist putting on a show for people, bringing smiles and tears to people’s faces. Excitement. I saw Spice Girls in Coventry last year with one of my best friends and we (especially her) were bawling when they came out as it was a childhood dream come true to be there watching them. I saw Kaiser Chiefs with my mum in February at the o2 Arena, and there was a guy who was at the back of the standing crowd, no too far in front of where we were sat and he was facing us, hands in the air and singing to us lot in the seats. He was clearly drunk as hell but my god he was happy! 

Music has a meaning 

My parents, Nicky and I saw Michael Bublé back in December and I loved it. Not only is he an amazing vocalist with incredible stage presence, I don't think I have felt such a large range of emotions in one show. One part that stood out was during one of his songs, on the back screen he had images of nurses, kids rooms and these images with the lyrics to the song broke me. But it was so good feel those emotions and let everything out in such an amazing setting.


It makes you feel better

The world is a scary place right now, but if there is one thing that is helping me personally through it - is music. I have had more music on than ever before (if that is even possible) and it's managing to keep spirits up in this house. I mean - just look at this from Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway when it was all getting really serious...


See how music helps everyone feel amazing? Put it on to relax you, make you smile - it's even okay to put it on to make you cry. Music brings out so many emotions and sometimes this is all we need... 

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