Once upon a time, there was a kid who loved gymnastics, swimming, Irish Dancing, netball - all the running and jumping about. 

Then she got older and sports just wasn't her thing. She was an easy target for bullies because she had frizzy hair, which got worse with sports sweat, and then she started dressing all in black with thick eyeliner that would run and smudge if she began to sweat. So she never did anything active again.

At one point in her life, her self esteem got so low that she became a truly gross emotional eater and that stayed with her for years.

Her mum got massively into walking and encouraged her to go. She found it really changed her moods and she felt really good in her body as well as in her mind after every walk. So she decided that she would run a campaign throughout 2020.

Not only would it help her, she also believed it would help others as well. So she began WALK FOR YOUR WELLBEING and she wants to take you with her and encourage you to do something positive for yourself this year...

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